We Missed Cisco in The Flash Finale!

We Missed Cisco in The Flash Finale: The Flash, a popular superhero series loved by millions of fans worldwide, recently concluded after completing a 9-year journey. While the episode left viewers on the edge of their seats, there was a void that couldn’t be ignored. Cisco Ramon, played by the talented Carlos Valdes, was noticeably absent, and his absence was deeply felt.

In this article, we reflect on Cisco’s importance as a part of Team Flash, how he carried the series with his vibrant personality, and why his absence left fans longing for his return.

We Missed Cisco in The Flash Finale!

Cisco Was Team Flash’s Soul

Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe, brought a unique dynamic to Team Flash. From the very beginning, he was not only a valuable member of the team but also its heart and soul. Cisco’s unwavering loyalty, quick wit, and endearing personality made him an instant fan favourite. His presence added a touch of humour and warmth to the show, balancing out the darker aspects of the narrative.

Throughout the seasons, Cisco’s technical expertise and his ability to create gadgets and weapons played a pivotal role in Team Flash’s success. His powers as Vibe, enabling interdimensional travel and the detection of metahumans, proved invaluable in the fight against both ordinary and extraordinary threats. Beyond his skills, Cisco’s emotional support and friendship were essential in keeping the team together during difficult times.

We Missed Cisco in The Flash Finale!

A Void That Couldn’t Be Filled

When Cisco left Team Flash (back in the seventh season), it left a significant void that no new character, even the talented Chester P. Runk, could adequately fill. Cisco’s departure was a loss not just for the team, but also for the viewers who had grown fond of his character over the years. The absence of his infectious energy and witty banter left fans yearning for his return.

Cisco’s departure was especially felt during The Flash Season 9’s last episode. As Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, returned and threatened Chester in Star Labs, fans couldn’t help but hope for a moment when Cisco would burst onto the scene, saving the day with his extraordinary powers and clever one-liners. Unfortunately, that moment didn’t materialize, leaving us all disappointed.

Injustice to Cisco’s Character and the Fans

Cisco Ramon’s character had a profound impact on The Flash, and his absence in the finale felt like an injustice to both his character and the fans themselves. Cisco’s growth from an enthusiastic and talented engineer to a confident and powerful hero was a journey fans invested in. Removing him from the narrative, especially during crucial moments, left a void that simply couldn’t be filled.

Carlos Valdes’ portrayal of Cisco brought a genuine and relatable quality to the character. His charisma and chemistry with the rest of the cast made him an integral part of the show’s success. Valdes’s departure was a loss for both the series and its loyal fanbase.

We Missed Cisco in The Flash Finale!


As fans, we continue to hope for the best for Cisco Ramon and Carlos Valdes, appreciating the significant contributions they made to The Flash. While his presence may have been missed in the finale, Missed Cisco will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the viewers who grew to love him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role did Cisco play in Team Flash?

Cisco played a crucial role in Team Flash as their resident technical genius. He designed and built various gadgets and weapons to aid in their fight against metahumans and other threats. Cisco's ability to harness his powers as Vibe also provided the team with valuable insights and abilities.

Why did Cisco leave Team Flash?

Cisco Ramon's departure from Team Flash was a personal choice made by the character's actor, Carlos Valdes. After portraying Cisco for several seasons, Valdes decided to move on from the series to pursue other projects and explore different opportunities. It was shown in the series that Cisco has moved to Star City, settling with his girlfriend Kamila and expanding his career at A.R.G.U.S. We never saw Cisco after he left. There were barely a few moments when Team Flash mentioned him as if they are still in contact with him.

Will Cisco Ramon ever return to The Flash in the future?

Unfortunately, The Flash ended after completing 9 seasons without Cisco coming back to the series. It was really disappointing for all fans but we are hopeful that if The Flash gets a spin-off to continue the legacy, then we can expect Cisco's return. It would be very exciting to see him back!

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