It’s Time to Admit That Sid Did Nothing Wrong in ‘Toy Story Sid Toys’

It’s Time to Admit That Sid Did Nothing Wrong in ‘Toy Story Sid Toys’: We should take a moment to remember what made Toy Story such a beloved classic as we prepare to release the Buzz Lightyear spin-off, Lightyear. Nowadays, the vast majority of animated films are produced with computer-generated imagery, but Pixar’s Toy Story was the first to do so.

In 1995, computer graphics weren’t a novel idea, but Toy Story was the first feature-length animated film made entirely with computer graphics. In this article, we defend Sid and assert that he did nothing wrong with his Toy Story Sid toys.

It's Time to Admit That Sid Did Nothing Wrong in 'Toy Story sid toys'

For a band of toys, Sid Phillips (Erik von Detten), a kid who plays with his toys way too rough, is the perfect antagonist, as every successful story needs a memorable villain. However, Sid didn’t do anything that criminal, and that’s the thing about him.

The movie ‘Toy Story’ could have been very different.

From the toy perspective, the punk next door who straps fireworks to toys is nothing less than a nightmare: the ultimate terror. It makes complete sense in the eyes of Woody and Buzz (Tom Hanks) that Sid is a maniacal psychopath when they face the threat of being blown apart, melted, decapitated, or otherwise maimed and dismembered.

Who has ever pulled an arm or a head from a doll or action figure to see if it would come off? Sid exhibits much premeditation in his alleged crimes, but is he motivated by sadistic principles, or is he bored? Looking closer at the toys Sid tortures reveals a creative mind with too few outlets.


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It's Time to Admit That Sid Did Nothing Wrong in 'Toy Story sid toys'

An excerpt from the Making of Toy Story featurette

“I also developed the notion of juxtaposing the audience with Tin Toy, one of Toy Story’s progenitors,” said director John Lasseter about one of the original films, Tin Toy. You can show them something they already know and suddenly make them see it from a different perspective.

For example, you can show them a cute and cuddly baby through the eyes of a toy. That’s a monster for a toy! Tin Toy inspired us with the ideas we had developed there about toys being alive.”

The storytellers who created Sid knew he would grow up to be an animator, and they knew he was a natural storyteller. It’s more true to what we were.” Andrew Stanton says, “A lot of us had a lot of fun with our toys, but Sid is portrayed as a bad guy in the movie, doing horrible things to them. But that’s more true of what we were.”

The severity of Sid’s love of destruction is troubling. When Skud chews up the Little Green Man, he laughs, and the severed heads in his lava lamp are probably a red flag.

It's Time to Admit That Sid Did Nothing Wrong in 'Toy Story sid toys'

The Third Installment of Toy Story

An older Sid is depicted as a saviour of forgotten toys, based on a popular fan theory floating around the internet. Sid is believed to have saved toys from being thrown away by following Woody’s instructions as a sanitation worker.

He rocks out while he throws trash into his truck. Sid doesn’t seem to treat toys differently on-screen, but it’s a cute thought that he may collect trashed toys because now he realizes they need his assistance.

A rambunctious kid with an active imagination, Sid is an appealing antagonist in a story about toys trying to get home. He is not a villain by any standards of morality or ethics. His creative spirit uses whatever tools are available to him to express himself artfully and create imaginary narratives.

In addition to being a visual thinker, he also solves mechanical problems. Would you like to be locked in a room with him? You probably won’t. Sid is just doing what every kid does, and only he knows how: playing with toys.

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