Toni Braxton Net Worth | Career | Income | Early life

Toni Braxton Net Worth | Career | Income | Early life: Toni Braxton is a famous American singer, actress, songwriter, and pianist. She is also a record producer. She is a brilliant singer who was called the queen of RB.  Moreover, Tony is also said to be one of the most expensive female R&B singers. She is best known for some of her best songs including Unbreak my heart, Breathe Again, and you mean the World to Me.

She has become one of the best and most successful R&B singers of all time. She rules the hearts of people because of her beautiful voice and words. Although there have been some ups and downs in her life, she still focuses on her career.

She earned a lot of money through her career and surely people want to know about her earnings. That’s why in today’s article we will inform you about Toni Braxton net worth, career, and lifestyle. Read all information carefully.

Toni Braxton Net Worth | Career | Income | Early life

Net Worth

Toni Braxton has earned all these earnings from her singing career and according to an estimate her net worth is 10 million dollars. Indeed, she has earned this money very hard so that he can give her children a good and prosperous life. 10 million dollars is a lot of money but obviously, many people earn more than that but 10 million dollars is not a small amount of money. 

Secret to Wealth

Of course, Braxton’s beautiful voice has released more than 67 albums that have earned her worldwide fame. And of course, Toni Braxton net worth is a testament to her hard work. Possessing a soulful and magical voice, she has earned a fortune from her performances, single releases, and many interesting ventures.

She is a female singer who came into the world of singing in the 1990s and she sang the best and most beautiful songs and became super hits than all the female R&B singers.  She earned a lot of money early in her career so she never had money problems.  Indeed, she is the highest-paid woman in her singing career.

Toni Braxton has done many reality shows and besides making many albums, she has earned enough money to live her life in comfort and luxury. She not only made albums of songs but also showed her essence in the world of acting like doing TV shows and also showed excellent performance in acting in Las Vegas.

Cars And House

Indeed, she is a talented woman whose beauty of voice has brought her to the heights of the Emirate.  Do you know how many expensive cars Tony has?  Of course, being her fan, you would also like to know this.  Yes, Tony loves cars and owns the most expensive cars, including a Rolls Royce and one of the most expensive cars, a Bentley Bentayga.

Of course, Bentley is a very expensive car, and loves this car because it was given to her by Bradman.  She then uploaded many pictures with her brand new Mercedes Maybach GLS 600.  From this, you can easily guess how much glamor and rich lifestyle she has.

Toni Braxton Net Worth | Career | Income | Early life


Toni Braxton not only built a nice collection of cars from her earnings but also built a lot of real estate like she bought a 5000 square feet house in Calabasas.  This house is proof of her wealth and that she is living a prosperous and healthy life.

She bought this beautiful house near The Oaks.  Tony bought the house in 2014 for $2.9 million. And in 2016 she sold her California home for $3 million and used the money to capitalize on his career. And of course, Tony made a lot of money after that.

Per Show Payment

Although Tony Bracks has made a lot of money in her musical career, she has also faced financial ups and downs many times.  Despite going bankrupt twice, she lives a lavish lifestyle.  Indeed, all her earnings are due to her excellent performance.

According to sources, she has earned a lot of money as a salary from her various performances.  But she never revealed to the public how much she earns monthly or annually.  But still, it is estimated that she earns anywhere from $750,000 to $1 million a year from her various performances.

Toni Braxton Net Worth | Career | Income | Early life

Early Life

She who is an amazing singer whose real name is Toni Michelle Braxton was born on October 7, 1967, in Severn, Maryland.  His parents are Michael and Evelyn Braxton. Tony’s father worked in a power company and was also a pastor in a church called the Methodist Church.  Her mother, who used to be an opera singer, worked in a beauty salon when Tony was born.

Toni is the eldest of her siblings.  Interestingly, her entire family was religious. And all these siblings used to go to church and sing, so it can be inferred that the talent of singing was present in their whole family.

As they belonged to a religious family, their father did not allow them to listen to and sing any kind of music except the gospel. But then seeing Tony’s interest and exceptional singing ability, his parents allowed him to perform in various shows and places.

Her father, seeing the extremes of her passion, allowed her to listen to some famous singers like Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder. Although she went to schools and colleges to study, when she went to college, people heard her voice and encouraged her to pursue a career in singing.  And then she quit her studies to make a name for herself in singing and today she is a famous artist and singer.


She started her career in R & B but before that, she was offered to become a music lecturer at her hometown university.  But then she stopped taking lectures because she and her sisters were being offered better recording deals.

The Braxton Sisters’ singing was great and Tony was discovered through this experience by La Reid and Babyface Edmonds.  They recorded a song from it and included it in Boomerang’s soundtrack. Tony subsequently recorded several albums including Seed Songs which were super hits.

She has been awarded various awards for his best performances including Best Per Male R&B Performance and Best New Artist and many more such awards. All her music albums were super hits so Tony got a lot of fame not only in the music career but also in the acting world.  She is certainly one of the most intelligent and talented women.

Toni Braxton Net Worth | Career | Income | Early lifex


Toni married Kerry Lewis in the 2000s and gave birth to a child when they met on tour. The married life of this couple was very prosperous and they had two children.  But after some years due to some problems between them, both got divorced in 2013.

Toni raised her children alone and then in 2016, she started dating a rapper named Birdman.  Two years later they were engaged but never married. In addition, Toni Braxton has been in relationships with many celebrities and has dated many men but has never remarried.


In today’s article, you are informed about an important topic Tony Braxton’s Net Worth and also Tony’s life and career.  And you are told how famous and popular singer Tony is and worst of all she is the highest-paid actress in R&B.

Hope you got your desired information stay with us for more information.

Frequently Ask Questions

How many children does Toni Braxton have?

Toni Braxton got married in the 2000s and had her first child in 2001 and her second child in 2003. She has only two sons named Denim Cole and Diezyl Braxton.

Which celebrities did Tony date?

Toni Braxton has dated some celebrities in her musical career including Shemar Moore and Eddie Murphy.

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