The Forest Monsters game new chapter “Sons of the forest” releasing Date

The Forest Monsters game new chapter “Sons of the forest” releasing Date: The horror sequel survival game will probably be released in 2023. The forest is a horror first person survival game to play on playstation 4 and PC. It was released back in 2018 by an indie publisher who has hollywood visual effects.

The Forest Monsters game new chapter "Sons of the forest" releasing Date

This game went very viral and popular as compared to other competitive games like The Last of Us and Don’t Starve. So, the new sequel of this game has been released by the name “Sons of the Forest”. The graphics are really amazing and give a hint that it might be released on play station 5.

Releasing Date of Sons of Forest

It is the most awaited game of 2023 for PC. It was first estimated to release in 2022, first in the month of may and then in october but hasn’t been released yet. All they needed was time to polish the game in its bestest features. Now it is said that it will be released on the 23 february in 2023.

Story of the Game

Actually the game The Forest is about surviving in the forest. The forest is full of restrictions, horror and danger you must survive to win the game against the obstacles. The forest is full of wilderness. And it looks like an island.

When the game starts the player lands on the island after the plane has crashed. There are characters in the game named as’ forest cannibals’ or you can say “ mutants”,and from them you have to survive. The main central character in the game is named Eric LeBlanc who was sitting in a plane with his son timmy. But due to a crashing plane they fell down on an island. 


Eric went in search of his son timmy and also fights with the monsters present in the game and obstacles. The monsters in the game are Armsy the “Octopus” mutant, Virginia the ” Spider” mutant, Cowman the “bull” mutant.

Also mutant baby, mutant Megan and John the “Worm”, are present.Cannibals are the main type of enemy in The Forest. Sharks, Boars and Crocodiles are also enemies in the Forest. They all are the monsters from whom Eric should  fight or survive in order to win. Eric found his son Timmy by the clues of his son’s crayons drawings. 

Developer of the Game

Endnight games developed this Monster Forest game. It is a game development studio based in the United kingdom. It was founded by Enda McCallion in 2008 and it is famous for developing the game The Forest. In 2018,The forest was released. 

Trailer of Sons of Forest

The trailer contains amazing graphics. Captivating attention themes. The horror and suspenses in the trailer adds more interest in the game. The heavy forest, the deep sea, the dangerous animals, the monsters and enemies in the forest, the dark cave, the noise of firing all makes it more intense.

The bloody themes after killing or fighting with the monster makes a little horrific theme. The water is also flooding the cave. The chopping of trees with axes. The rainy dark evening.

The sound of a thunderstorm makes it more horrific. The skull is hanging on the stick. The dead sharks at the seashores. The torch and the fire on the stick to make the way radiant makes it more panic. 

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The Forest Monsters game new chapter "Sons of the forest" releasing Date

The character Calvin is the companion with the player. He is also a soldier. Due to a crashing plane he gets the head injury due to which he is unable to speak. But he will follow your commands quickly when you give him in written form on the notepad. He will help you a lot in many terms. He will drink water when he gets thirsty and also he sits down when he needs rest. This makes the game more interesting and adventurous.

The player must withstand the challenges, wilderness, such as finding food and water, and manage their health to survive, and defending themselves against the monsters that inhabit the forest. The game features an open-world environment and allows players to explore, build and survive at their own pace.

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