The Beast Boy’s superhero costume is revealed in new Titans Season 4

This season of Titans will see Beast Boy, or Gar Logan, as he is known on the show (Ryan Potter), get a brand-new look. Yes, a new and even more compelling Beast Boy Costume is up for the game. The series’ Instagram page has released updated images of Beast Boy wearing his updated costume, which can be seen here. “Feast on Beast Boy’s latest super suit!” is what the post says, and the first image shows Beast Boy wearing the suit, which is black with black sides, arms, and shoulders. 

The Beast Boy's superhero costume is revealed in new Titans Season 4

This is what the post reads, “Feast your eyes on beast boy’s super suit.” The image of a paw print can be found on the left shoulder of the beast boy. There is also a white belt attached to the suit. Beast Boy is seen in the next image with half of his face that is green. As well as his left hand and his right hand are green as well. Usually, in comic books and animations, Beast Boy Costume is shown to have a greenish color as he is always shown to be green. 

When Gar turned green in the previous three seasons of Titans, he did so only when he was transformed into an animal. There was a time when he transformed into a green tiger whenever he was in the wild. During the series, he wore a red and white jacket that appeared to be based on the design of the costume.

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The following image shows an artist’s conception of the hand tabs used on the costume. There are hand tabs visible on Beast Boy’s left hand in the previous image, which can be seen in the last photo.

The concept art also shows a concept of the belt buckle he is wearing, which has a similar design to that of the hand tab he is wearing. Besides the belt buckle, several other methods can be seen in the Instagram post. On the left shoulder of the suit is a paw print based on a concept art depiction of what would look like a paw print.

The Beast Boy's superhero costume is revealed in new Titans Season 4

During the show’s first season, Potter’s Gar joined the Titans as a team member. As you may know, he was a Doom Patrol member before joining the group (a different version than what is seen in the HBO series Max Doom Patrol). In addition to being a fanboy of the DC Universe, Gar also wants to see the Batmobile (Iain Glen), and Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) even asks him if he is planning to see Batman (Iain Glen) when the group meets him.

In the aftermath of the team taking in Superboy/Conner (Joshua Orpin), Gar is the one to explain to Superboy/Conner who Superman is and who he should be in the future. In the series, Gar isn’t the only Titan who has had his costume changed significantly.

Although Dick Grayson has tried to move on from working with Batman in the show’s first season, he still uses the Robin mantle. This is despite trying to put the past behind him. Eventually, Dick’s Robin costume was burned due to this process. 

The second season of Dick’s Adventures was the first in that he did not have a costume or a superhero identity. In the final episode of season two, Dick assumes the new identity of Nightwing and dons a brand new suit to celebrate his transformed identity.

On November 3rd, the HBO Max channel will air the fourth season of Titans, which first premiered in 2010. In addition to the previous three seasons, the service offers the ability to stream the last three seasons. Below are the Instagram posts for Seasons 3 and 4, as well as a teaser for the new season so that you can enjoy them in the meantime:

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