Taylor Frankie Paul Biography, net worth, career and personal life

Today my article will give you complete information about Taylor Frankie Paul. Many people are curious to know about Taylor Frankie Paul, what she is like in her personal life and what she does. TikTok is the best way for people to gain fame in today’s era. Today’s article is about Taylor Frankie  Paul’s TikTok fame and her two adorable kids. People also respect him because of her children. Keep reading this article to get all the information about Taylor Frankie Paul.

Who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Frankie Paul is an American popular TikTok influencer, social media personality, internet sensation and known worldwide. Her list of fan followers is impressive. She has 3.9 million followers. She is famous on TikTok for her updo and lip sync. Her fans respect and love her a lot. Taylor Frankie Paul Biography 

Some issues of her personal life are circulating on social media that there is a divorce between  Frankie and her husband. Frankie is a  famous American TikTok actress who is married to the best TikTok star  Tate  Paul, and the couple has two children, a  son and a daughter. 

Early Life

Taylor Frankie Paul was born on May 23, 1994, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Before transferring to Virginia Episcopal  School, Taylor  Frankie Paul completed her early coursework at the Juilliard  School in  New York. After that, Taylor Frankie Paul entered  Syracuse University in the  United  States and received her degree there.  

Of course, Frankie always showed her interest in acting and extracurricular activities over academics and made a  name for herself in that. Due to her interest in acting, she is known as a popular actress today. She also uploads trending songs and videos on her account. And people liked her videos a lot. 

Moreover, she is not only a famous Tik Tok star, but she is also a mother of two adorable children.Taylor Frankie Paul Biography

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Taylor Frankie Paul has 3.9 million followers on TikTok. She is a social media influencer with 252k followers on Instagram as well. Besides being a Tiktok star, Frankie is also a  good businesswoman who runs a successful business. She runs an online clothing business called Happy Valley, where she markets sweatshirts and hoodies.

Taylor Frankie Paul’s Net Worth

Taylor  Frankie  Paul’s net worth is estimated to be $2 to $3 million due to her fan following on social media as well as his extensive business. She also has  252k  followers on Instagram and has followed 3676 users. Taylor has a total of  251 posts on Insta.

Personal Life 

Taylor Franky Paul is a popular TikTok star who completed her primary education in her hometown. Taylor Frankie Paul has not posted anything about her parents. According to the sources, she was born to Jeremy May ( father) and Liann May( mother). Her father was a  crane technician, and mother was a  real estate agent. 

 Frankie Paul is very close to her parents. She has two siblings, her brother’s name is Hunter May, and her sister’s name is Aspen May. She has shared an image in her story; according to this, she was traveling to Hawaii with her family. Taylor Frankie Paul Biography

Taylor follows the Christianity religion and belongs to a mixed ethnic race. Frankie Paul is a  beautiful actress and model. Taylor met Swift Tate Paul in January 2015, and they dated for 8 months then Tate proposed to Taylor  Frankie  Paul in August, and they got married on November 17, 2016. 

 This beautiful couple has two cute children, a son and a daughter. Tate Paul is currently working with AdvancedMD as a manager.

However the relationship between the two was very good, but recent news is doing the rounds on social media that Tat Paul and Frankie Paul are getting separated. And the reason for this is that Frankie was having an affair with a guy, and Tate Paul decided to divorce his wife because of their relationship.

Who is the Current Flame of Taylor Frankie?

Lately, there have been reports of Frankie’s new boyfriend being the reason for her divorce. In May, she divorced Tat Paul,  her ex-husband. And every day, some news comes out about Frankie and her boyfriend. 

Taylor Frankie uploads new dancing videos and parenting vlogs on social media every day with her boyfriend. Taylor  Frankie, who often talks about her  Mormon beliefs, is busy again. Her new boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, debuted on Frankie’s YouTube channel on July 29.Taylor Frankie Paul Biography

Some Interesting Things About Taylor Frankie Paul’s Life

  • Taylor  Frankie   Paul is a  fitness model, influencer, social media star and internet celebrity.
  •  Frankie Paul was born in the United States on May 23, 1994.
  •  She uploads her various videos, parenting vlogs, etc., on her account and receives appreciation from her fans.
  • If you see TikTok, you must be familiar with  Frankie  Paul’s videos; he recently gained notoriety with one of his videos.
  • The main actor that played a major role in the popularity of  Frankie’s films was his excellent content. She cast her husband and children in her films which increased the views of her films.
  • Taylor  Frankie Paul’s ex-husband and children are also known to the world.

Bottom Line

Taylor  Frankie  Paul is a social media favorite of her peers and made a name for herself at a young age. People who upload videos on Tik Tok get fame and notoriety, but many people become famous because of it. Stay connected with us to get more updates about  Frankie  Paul.


What county is Taylor Frankie Paul from?

Taylor Frankie Paul is from America and she is christian.

How old is Taylor Frankie Paul?

The age of Taylor Frankie  Paul is 28 years old.  She was born on   May 23, 1994, in Utah, America. Her sign is Gemini. 

How many children does Taylor Paul have and what are their names?

Taylor  Frankie  Paul has two children, a son named Indy and a daughter named Ocean.  Both her children are also famous on social media. 

Is Taylor Frankie Paul still dating someone?

Yes, Taylor Frankie Paul is still dating her new boyfriend Dekota Mortensen. 

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