Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 – Episode 1 and 2 Written Update

Two years of wait was worth it! Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 has been up to the mark since its release. In fact, the second season is even more exciting and full of action. Let me take you on the most adventurous journey – where you’ll find a quick review of Tale on Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 begins with Lee Yeon summarizing the events from the first season, revealing how he reverted into a Nine-tailed fox after being reincarnated as a human. Basically, he made a deal with Taluipa after continuous appeals to bring his deceased brother, Lee Rang back (through reincarnation). Taluipa asked him to sign a contract that he’ll continue punishing the evil (rouge demons) as the Nine-tailed fox. The contract was meant to expire on the day Nam Ji-ah dies (after 50+ years) as Lee Yeon wants to die as a  human along with her. 

Everything was going just fine when someone in a red-white mask steals the Samdocheon guardian stone and runs away. The guardian stone basically protects the boundary between the living and the dead. Lee Yeon (unbeknownst to where he’s going), follows the red-white mask in order to retrieve the stone. Tuluipa gives him a watch before he leaves, asking him to come back before 5:00 am. Koo Shin-joo also follows along. 

Lee Yeon and Koo Shin-joo ends up in the year 1938 – when Korea was forcefully occupied by Japan and independence movements were at the peak. There Lee Yeon unexpectedly comes across Lee Rang’s past self who’s full of hatred (as he hasn’t reconciled with Lee Yeon yet).  Lee Rang is the head of a bandit gang and hasn’t fully transformed into a Gumiho. It is in fact Lee Rang’s bandit gang who robs Shin-Joo, leaving him to roam around looking like a beggar. Lee Yeon sees another familiar face in the past era – it was Ki Yoo-ri but not the one we know. 

The past era’s Ki Yoo-ri is an independence activist Sunwoo Eun-ho who somehow comes across another former mountain god – who saves her from the Japanese army. He was later revealed to be Cheon Moo-young, a longtime friend of Lee Yeon and Hong-Joo. Oops – I just gave you a spoiler!

Back to the point – it was really exciting to see the Western-style gunfight between the long-lost brothers. However, the fun didn’t last long as the red-white mask appears and stabs Lee Rang. Though Lee Yeon had already retrieved the stone, he couldn’t leave his dying brother behind. Lee Yeon takes him to Myoyeongak upon his request. There he finds out that there’s an entity who can help save him. However, Lee Yeon had to bring him a sword in exchange for help. 

Interestingly enough, the sword was in the possession of that era’s Lee Yeon. So, this is how we got a chance to witness an action-packed dual between the past and future self of our beloved, Nine-tailed fox. Lee Yeon’s past self is seen grieving for eternal first love, being addicted to opium. 

Lee Yeon somehow retrieves the sword and takes it to Myoyeongak. He knew that something was off and that’s why he didn’t give it to the entity. Lee Rang’s soul has been wandering out of his body after he goes into a coma. A little girl whose lifespan was recently sucked by the entity could see Lee Rang’s soul as her grandmother was a shaman. She let him possess her body. This is how both Lee Rang and Lee Yeon together defeated and killed the entity. But amidst all this, Lee Yeon lost his chance to go back as the gate of time was closed. 

Lee Yeon then visits past era’s Tuluipa and asks for her help. She then demanded Lee Yeon run an errand for her. She wanted him to safely retrieve a powerful pipe, which can be a means of massive destruction if blown. Lee Rang and Lee Yeon together get on a train with the mission to retrieve the Pipe from the Japanese people. What’s more interesting here is that Shin-joo was captured by the Japanese army and is also on the very same train as a prisoner. 

The fun begins when Lee Yeon’s oldest (childhood) friend “Ryu Hong-joo” who has a die-hard crush on him is also seen there. She steals the Pipe from the Japanese, luring Lee Yeon to him. It was then revealed that they both share a bitter-sweet relationship. As much as she loves him, she hates him also. They both fight with each other after dualing with the Japanese demons. The action sequences were lit!

Lee Yeon takes the pipe to Tuluipa in the hope that he’ll finally find his way back to the future. However, things didn’t go as expected. She reveals that the gate of time will only open during the Lunar eclipse – after 29 days.

So, Lee Yeon is now stuck in the past and decides to spend all the time with his brother, making amends. Lee Yeon asks Lee Rang to stay by his side for the next month. Since Lee Rang has already seen Lee Yeon taking care of him while he was in a coma, he chose to stay. They both get dressed like gentlemen of the era – meanwhile, Lee Rang meets a beautiful girl. Later, they both go to the famous restaurant of the town (where they were previously staying during the coma phase), only to find out that the owner is none other than Lee Yeon’s bitter-sweet friend, Ryu Hong-Joo.

A lot more happens following this, including an attack on the beauty pageant. You’d roll out laughing seeing that Lee Yeon and Lee Rang become workers at a lady’s beauty salon in their quest to find the culprit behind the attack. Handsome charming men serving Jaseon women – oh GOSH!

As the Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 Episode 2 ends, we see Hong-Joo finding her way to Cheon Moo-young. It barely took her a moment to realize that the white-read mask is none other than Cheon Moo-young.

Stay tuned to find more written updates, in-depth reviews, and interesting spoilers about Tale of Nine Tailed 1938.