Beyond ‘Stranger Things,’ 10 Times “Running Up That Hill vampire diaries” Made TV Dramatic

This song has an intoxicating mix of synths and drum machines, which makes for a compelling lyric about making a deal with God and getting him to swap our places. You can interpret this all literally or figuratively, depending on your preferences.

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill vampire diaries” is an unforgettable song featured in the Vampire Diaries series. The song’s captivating synths and drum machines and the compelling lyrics about making a deal with God to switch places make for a truly mesmerizing experience. The song has been used in mainstream media, including Stranger Things, where music supervisor Nora Felder worked hard to ensure its selective usage.

Felder worked closely with the clearance coordinator to develop “exhaustive scene descriptions that provided Kate and her camp with as much context as possible to ensure that they understood the full significance of the uses being undertaken.” It all worked out reasonably well, and it didn’t hurt that Bush was a fan of the show. There has been more than one occasion in the mainstream media where Bush’s original has been used.

Beyond ‘Stranger Things,’ 10 Times “Running Up That Hill vampire diaries” Made TV Dramatic

The bands from Placebo to Track and Field give their distinctive touch to their covers of the song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God),” that are often featured on several shows, even if it isn’t her version.

This song gives off a sense of drama, making it a perfect needle drop to play when you feel emotional at your next beautiful moment. There have been a lot of shows which had used those covers to ground emotional scenes over the years, from the shocking twists in How to Get Away with Murder to the tragedy in The O. C. The truth is, all of this was before Stranger Things skyrocketed the original song to the top of the charts.

The Vampire Diaries

The series’ pilot episode sets the scene for the dangers of living in Mystic Falls in the beginning when a young couple is killed on a dark road in the middle of the night.

Several years later, a relative accuses Stefan (Paul Wesley) of committing the earlier killings, which have since been described as attacks by an animal. Even though this is Mystic Falls, where the population of vampires is growing. Stefan is seen pulling out an ancient book and staring sadly at a photo from the mid-1800s while the music of Placebo plays over the top.

The face he sees back at him is that of Katherine, an identical ancestor to Elena (Nina Dobrev), whom he met at a local high school where they were classmates. There is no doubt that Stefan has an ulterior motive in mind. The entire story is theatrical, just right for a teen-vampire-romance-drama with a great love story at the end.


In the 1980s, the show follows a group of women called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW. In each new season, a new ensemble cast includes Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and various new characters.

Geena Davis is a guest star in Season 3’s “The Libertine Ball,” playing Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, one of the new bosses of the show. The ball that is the focus of this episode is an event that celebrates the queer life of Las Vegas. Sandy dresses in a vintage Miss Las Vegas Showgirl 1962 costume with a headpiece of angel-white feathers for a rare performance.

Sadly, the show-stopping moment is rudely cut short when smoke fills the venue at the back of the stage. A song by Kate Bush can be heard in the background as all the performers and attendees, dressed lavishly and carefree, are confronted by an arson attempt and homophobic graffiti sprayed outside the venue.

Stranger Things

It will be up to Max to use her memories of her friends to save herself from the skeletal Vecna. It is a fun enough way to incorporate an 80s ballad into Max’s walk to the guidance counselor’s office when listening to it play during his walk.

It is more surprising to see how crucial the song becomes to Max’s survival as the days pass. There is an orchestral rendition mixed into the sound design of the music. We do not doubt that Max will come out of this okay – but as Vecna causes debris to smash into Max’s path, it does become more uncertain as more trash falls into his path.

There is a possibility that she won’t. Luckily, she can do it at the last second and wake up again. Max repeats, “I’m still here.” And the episode fades to black as “Running Up That Hill” softly continues into the credits as the credits begin to roll.

Beyond ‘Stranger Things,’ 10 Times “Running Up That Hill vampire diaries” Made TV Dramatic

How to Get away With Murder

A professor and active criminal defense attorney, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is one of the most recognized actresses of our time. During teaching her students, she finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery, while her personal life is becoming increasingly entangled in secrets and scandals.

Placebo’s cover piece plays over the entire montage at the end of “We Know Everything,” which combines several elements of danger and mistrust. As a way to prove to her son Gabriel (Rome Flynn) that he can trust her, Annalise (Aja Naomi King) shows Gabriel (Rome Flynn) that his apartment is bugged, attempt to prove to Gabriel that he can trust her, but the motivation behind it is still unclear.

As a result, a body is discovered, and a photograph that appears incriminating is posted online. There is a whiteboard at the FBI with pictures of individuals connecting to various individuals, while Annalise and her students are centered in the middle of the board.

Warehouse 13

In this episode, Pete (Eddie McClintock), Myka (Joanne Kelly), and Artie (Saul Rubinek) search for unique artifacts that have a supernatural nature to them. They need to neutralize each of them and store them in Warehouse 13 to keep the average citizen safe from attack. 

During the movie, Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) become a team of essential players making a day’s work go smoothly, eventually becoming a brother-sister duo. As a result of the Warehouse, a mastermind villain is getting closer to destroying by the end of Season 3, and Steve doesn’t survive.

There is a scene in Emily Lake where members of the prominent gang find his body, accompanied by the piano version of “Running Up That Hill” by Track and Field. It’s a moodier, more somber cover, perfectly matching the horrified reactions of the gang, especially Claudia.

Beyond ‘Stranger Things,’ 10 Times “Running Up That Hill vampire diaries” Made TV Dramatic


At the Piers, Stan (Evan Peters) reluctantly agrees to pick up Angel (Indya Moore) from her apartment. A few things don’t go according to plan during the encounter. He prefers not to have sex with his wife but instead talks with her. A particular tenderness to it differs from what they have experienced.

After hearing Kate Bush’s song on the radio, Angel decides to make it their song, which is how it became theirs. Interestingly, the song lyrics, “Let’s exchange the experience,” portray Angel and Stan’s relationship in a different light, not so gender-specific as Bush’s vocals might imply, in a more subtle way.

Angel is a Black trans woman who makes a living as a sex worker. He has a family of two children and a wife, and he is a straight white man working his way up on Wall Street. He has two children and a wife. These two characters are presented in this series as complex, nuanced, and complicated individuals rather than what their stereotypes might suggest they are based on.

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