Resident Evil Village: Let’s Talk About Salvatore Moreau, the Secluded Evil Doctor

Almost nobody remembers Salvatore Moreau on Resident Evil Village as their favorite character from the Resident Evil Village amongst the Four Lords – let’s face it, we are still all in love with Lady Dimitrescu and her darling daughters, so let’s not consider him as one of the Four Lords. There is, however, a chance to uncover the secrets of the evil doctor. This is one of the leading forces responsible for making Ethan Winter’s life a living hell filled with night creatures. 

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These creatures venture off the main path and explore the village thoroughly. We need to go through spoilers to explain the dramatic impact Moreau had on Resident Evil Village’s story to explain Moreau’s influence. You should come back later if you are still looking for all of the files from Resident Evil Village.

Upon Ethan’s kidnapping by Karl Heisenberg, the mad scientist with electromagnetic powers, we are introduced to Salvatore Moreau for the first time after Ethan is kidnapped. 

Ethan, thrown against the floor of a macabre cathedral, is greeted by Mother Miranda, the main villain of Resident Evil Village. She and her four exceptional children, known as the Four Lords of the village, are on their floor. A grotesque hooded figure is wandering around, looking frightened and unwelcome, during the struggle between the Dracula-inspired Lady Dimistrescu and the Frankenstein-inspired Heisenberg over Ethan’s life. 

Moreau’s mother has made it clear from the beginning that Moreau is her least favorite son, both for his deformities and apparent low brain function. Immediately, it is evident that he is the favorite petite son of his mother.

As you prepare to face Moreau after escaping Dimistrescu’s castle and overcoming the mental traps laid by Dollmaker Donna Benevento, Resident Evil Village even tries to make you feel sorry for the disgusting monster after helping you escape Dimistrescu’s castle and surviving his mental traps.


the reservoir collectibles location

Our hero stealthily makes his way to Moreau’s unique flask. Once he reaches the village’s water reservoir, he holds it himself. Here, the crystallized arms of Ethan’s daughter Rose have been infused into the flask. The villain begins to cry and beg after realizing that Ethan has stolen his flask, telling Ethan that he needs to protect himself and prove he is a responsible son; otherwise, his siblings will continue to pick on him. This scene is both pathetic and sad at the same time. 

It might make you think, for a moment, that Moreau himself is the victim of the whole ordeal, for just a moment. Fortunately, this only lasted a few seconds. Moreau quickly revealed that his rant was nothing more than a distraction for Ethan long enough to allow the villain to block all exits with his green goo. The discovery that Ethan has been trapped, Moreau reveals his true nature. He plans to kill Ethan to prove that he is Mother Miranda’s most deserving child and the most worthy child of the family. 

Additionally, he intends to show the world his love for her. In an attempt to escape Moreau, Ethan gets into a boat and tries to find a way out of one of the flooded sections of the village. He is unable to escape. However, a monstrous fish attacks him as soon as he gets into the water. Not a fish but a revolting amphibious creature that can transform into a disgusting amphibious creature once he encounters the fish in what seems to be a safe space on land. 

It is not possible for Moreau to control his transformation, much to the dismay of Lady Dimitrescu, and he has Dimitrhas strengthen the shape of a partially humanoid animal. This task causes him much pain. It is undeniable, however, that once Moreau releases the beast into the world, he becomes a formidable foe that cannot be beaten while he has room to swim. Ethan is the one who is responsible for draining the flooded section of the village.


resident evil salvatore moreau the sceluded evil


To ensure enough electricity at the village’s dam, Ethan rushes through windmills pursuing the fish-Moreau as he chases him through windmills. He is believed to open its doors once Ethan has activated the barrier. This will allow the unrest to decrease. You will lose his advantage over him, and the area will flood. Now it is time to fight that monster capable of vomiting acid into Ethan’s eyes and running him down with its gigantic blob-body as it runs him down. 

For Ethan to defeat the fish monster, he needs to hit it hard enough so that the mouth of the creature opens. This reveals Ethan’s fragile human body, showing a clear point of weakness for him to shoot at with his magnum. As Ethan progresses through the reservoir, we learn more about Moreau’s personality as he moves through the pool. Even if the villain’s initial rant was a trap set up to catch him, it is true that there is truth in what he has to say. 

Lady Dimitrescu’s diary shows that Our Dear Tall Vampire Lady dislikes Moreau. She also questions Mother Miranda’s decision to hold him in the same position as the other Lords as an equal with them. It is a known fact that Moreau is loathed. This is why he continually cries out about how he will gain his mother’s affection once he defeats Ethan. Without a doubt, Moreau is an evil person. As troubled as he is, he is also an asset to Miranda since he can easily control and manipulate.

Then again, one might wonder how Moreau can be useful to Mother Miranda when he is incapable of even appropriately constraining his shape. In Moreau’s Clinic, an optional area within Resident Evil Village, you can find the answer to the question, which reveals the monster’s impressive impact on the village. The design of Salvatore Moreau is similar to that of his brothers and sisters. It draws its inspiration from classical Gothic horror, more specifically from the tales of the evil doctor created by H.G. 

When you play through the game for the first time, you might not be able to relate Wells’ Dr. Moreau to the one you find in Resident Evil Village if you miss a couple of nooks and crannies that hide some of the game’s secrets. Wells wrote the story “The Island of Doctor Moreau.” After finding a secret journal at Moreau’s Clinic, it is clear that the feeble figure caused more trouble than you had anticipated. There is no doubt that Salvatore Moreau created the main enemy in Resident Evil Village: the Lycans, who come in various shapes and sizes. 

Still, all of them are just as terrifying as they are scary. In Well’s novel, a shipwrecked man is rescued and taken ashore to a secluded island filled with animal-human hybrid creatures, the creations of Doctor Moreau, an evil physician who carries out cruel experiments to create the perfect animal. Similarly to his literary counterpart, Moreau gets Miranda’s permission before he experiments with the mold and the Cadou. These parasites are responsible for all the monsters in Resident Evil Village. 

The first Lycans were accidentally created by Salvatore Moreau when he attempted to save the lives of his mutated patients by injecting their blood with the blood of wolves. There is no question that the Lycans are the main threat in the game, even though every other Lord builds different enemies that Ethan must defeat. As well as the regular enemies, we can find a variant of Vârcolac that acts as a sub-boss and two Uriaş who act as total bosses. 

resident evil salvatore moreau the sceluded evil

The revelation of Moreau’s father’s identity makes him a more significant villain than we thought. This is because he is the father of most adversaries Ethan must fight or flee during his stay in the village. Despite Miranda’s desire to resurrect her dead daughter, Moreau’s experiments lead to the creation of an army of monsters that the Four Lords can command. This is even if they fail to build muscular bodies to be able to resurrect her. 

As a character who is easily dismissed as inferior, this is not too bad for someone who is so easily dismissed as such. It is unclear in the game whether Salvatore Moreau was already a doctor before Mother Miranda implanted him with a Cadou. It is still being determined whether the clinic belonged to his family, including the original Nichola line, before he was transformed into a Cadou. Salvatore’s limited cognitive capabilities might have deteriorated after the Cadou implant. 

However, maybe Salvatore followed Moreau’s footsteps and played doctor after transforming. There can certainly be an assumption that Salvatore Moreau is a fisherman or a sailor based on the tattoos that adorn his left arm – a jellyfish with “mother” written in the middle and an anchor – hence the tattoos. His particular mutation could also account for this. If this were to happen, it would make Moreau’s experiments scarier. This is because his subjects need to be educated and cared for during his experiments.

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