‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ Renewed For Season 3 at Nickelodeon

‘Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 3’ at Nickelodeon: Children’s horror has made a comeback in recent years, proving that the horror genre is not just for adults. It was recently reported that R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps would be getting a relaunched series on Disney+.

However, every 90s kid remembers Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? as one of the best horror anthologies available. Nickelodeon rebooted the popular show in 2019, and now the children’s network has announced that Are You Afraid of the Dark season 3? 

are you afraid of the dark season 3

‘The Patrick Star Show’ will return for a second season on Nickelodeon.

While the remake series has been a touch more kid-friendly than the original, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t captured the original’s frightening entertaining enchantment. The carnival atmosphere of Season 1 and the frightening Shadowman of Season 2 has delivered many fun, campy scares to series fans.

The reboot has abandoned the original’s episodic anthology format in favor of a more current seasonal anthology approach, similar to other horror series such as American Horror Story. There is no official number of episodes; however, given that the last season had six episodes, it is safe to presume the current season will have roughly the same number.

 Afraid of the Dark’s second season just ended, and fans are eagerly anticipating its third

Nickelodeon picked up Are You Afraid of the Dark in 1991, a year after its debut. During 1999-2000, the series was briefly revived, and a live-action adaptation was planned, but it was canceled. The series was revived again in 2019, albeit as a limited series. Following the fans’ response, Nickelodeon renewed the series for a second season.

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are you afraid of the dark season 3


Because of its growing fan base, Are You Afraid of the Dark is projected to be revived for a third season? However, as of the time of writing, Nickelodeon had not officially renewed it.

As Season 2 comes to a close, the anthology series’ popularity is reflected in online databases, such as IMDB, which rates the horror series 7.1/10. Because season 2 was renewed due to the first season’s popularity, season 3’s renewal is quite likely.


If Are You Afraid of the Dark is renewed for a third season, we anticipate it will premiere in March 2022. The first series debuted in October 2019, with the second following in March 2021, even though it was scheduled to be launched in October 2020.

We expect Nickelodeon to broadcast Season 3 in October 2021 due to the production concerns that caused the delay of Season 2 in October 2018.


There is a documentary called Are You Afraid of the Dark? which is produced by D. J. MacHale, an American television producer, and filmed in Montreal by CINAR. A collaboration between Montreal-based CINAR Films and Nickelodeon is responsible for the show’s production

.t made its American debut on Nickelodeon in August, while the series premiered on Canada’s Family Channel in September 1992. The series had relocated from Family Channel to YTV by 1993.

Both series of Are You Afraid of the Dark? It focused on a gang of youngsters who referred to themselves as “The Midnight Society.” In every episode, one of the members would relate a horror story to the group at a hidden place in the woods at night.

The First Revival

Tucker returns to The Midnight Society several years after the last gathering, inviting his own circle of friends to reconstitute The Midnight Society.

Quinn: Quinn is frequently in trouble at school and home, but he is a smart child who enjoys making fun of Andy when he joins Vange.

Vange: Vange (short for “Evangeline”) is the New Midnight Society’s youngest member. She is a tomboy who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

Andy: Andy is a very kind and kind person. Quinn and Vange always make fun of him for having more muscle than intellect. 

are you afraid of the dark season 3

The Second Revival

The show’s second reincarnation began in 2019. The first season is known as “Carnival of Doom,” the second season is known as “Curse of the Shadows,” and the third season is known as “Ghost Island.”

Characters Who Appear Repeatedly

Sardo (Richard Dumont), the owner of “Sardo’s Magic Mansion,” was one of the more prominent recurrent characters (a magic shop). He would frequently try to sell a “prized” item to a character, almost always succeeding.

He frequently had products in his shop that had true magical abilities that he was unaware of until it was revealed in the story. One of the series’ most remembered recurring jokes was when someone addressed him as “Mr. Sardo.” He’d then become upset and exclaim: “SarDO (Sardôh) it is! No, sir; emphasis on the doh!”

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