One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Everything Storyline, Cast, and 8 Episodes

A teen drama mystery television series, One of Us Is Lying was developed by Erica Saleh. An investigation into the death of one high school student occurs in the series, following five high school students being detained under suspicious circumstances. The novel was written by Karen M. McManus in the year 2017.

Additionally, as well as Mark McKenna, Chibuikem Uche, Marian Tejada, Cooper van Grootel, and Annalisa Cochrane are portrayed as main suspects for the deceased student, with Barrett Carnahan, Jessica McLeod, Melissa Collazo, Sara Thompson, and Alimi Ballard acting as supporting characters. As of October 2021, the series received positive reviews from the critics after its premiere on Peacock.

The second season premiered on October 20, 2022, and was renewed in January 2022. There is nothing like a dead body among teens to bring them together, and One of Us Is Lying Season 2 proves that more than anything else. Teen mystery shows you demonstrate that parties and vacations can be great ways for teens to bond, but nothing brings them together more than a dead body among them.

One of Us Is Lying Season 2

Storyline of Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying

In McManus’ 2017 debut novel One of Us Is Lying, five students enter detention, including a brainiac, a gymnast, a princess, a criminal, and a basket case. The death of one of the students responsible for initiating an online gossip group is caused by an allergic reaction. A murder investigation is initiated after determining that the death of the fifth student was not the result of an accident, and the other four students are central to the investigation.

The cast of One Of Us Is Lying Season 2

Everyone who appeared in the show’s first season is not eligible to appear in the second season. Even though Simon (Mark Mckenna) and Jake (Barrett Carnahan) receive some bad news in season 1, everything else on the show continues to go well.

In addition, Cooper van Grootel (Mystery Road) returns as Nate, and Marian Tejada (Orange is the New Black) returns as Bronwyn. Chibuikem Uche (The Tomorrow War) plays Cooper, while Annalisa Cochrane (Cobra Kai) plays Addy in the film. It is also anticipated that Jessica McLeod (Janae), Melissa Collazo (Maeve), Sara Thompson (Vanessa), Zenia Marshall (Keely), Jacque Drew (Detective Wheeler), and Karim Diane (Kris) will return for season 2.

There is a special role for Doralynn Mui to play Fiona this time, while Jake’s brother Cole (Joe Witkowski) takes on a larger role.

One of Us Is Lying Season 2

Release Date

There are currently 8 episodes available from Season 2 of One Of Us Is Lying on Netflix. Tuesday, November 15, 2022, marked the premiere of Season 2 of One Of Us Is Lying on Netflix. This season also includes two prequel episodes.

Ep# 1 Simon Says Game On

It begins with Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, Cooper, and Janae receiving an ominous text from Simon Says, telling them their secret has not been kept as well as they thought. After finding his mother drinking furiously, Nate decides to leave his house. Adding insult to injury, Addy receives a gift from Simon Says after Jake dies. 

Tutoring Fiona, the student Simon stabbed to death for unknown reasons, is Principal Gupta’s way of restoring the school’s good name. Fiona and Nate seem to get along right away. Despite most Murder Club members trying to move on with their lives, Bronwyn sets a trap for Simon Says by filling a bag with paper instead of money. 

In an old meetup spot, Simon Says gets the Murder Club back together. When they arrive at their seats, they are greeted with name tags. Simon says Jake’s suffering should be compensated. In addition, Simon Says has a video from Halloween night that shows the Murder Club members being in the woods when Jake disappeared.

Ep# 2 Simon Says, Tick Tock

As a way of finding out who Simon is, Janae creates a murder board. Like Jake’s words, her nightmare from the night before still haunts Addy. To get Jake’s watch by midnight, Simon asks the five to bring it to him. Cooper believes Simon is after money since Jake’s eye is worth at least $5,000, and the five gather at Janae’s house. 

After recalling Jake’s death, Addy thinks Cole would want the watch out of sentimentality. Nate and Janae threw away his body at the bottom of the ocean with the clock on it. Her parents’ private yacht was not buried at the bottom of the sea but in a freezer on Janae and Nate’s yacht. 

As Addy considers how everyone will suffer for her mistake, the group considers the consequences of bringing the body out into the open. While Addy claims that she can admit to murdering him and ending this nightmare, the five say it is too late for her to change her mind. 

She discusses her demons with Cooper about Jake after Cooper gets her to open up about Jake. During Bronwyn’s meeting, she was concerned Addy would break and rat them out. This would bring them all down. Vanessa’s phone is taken away by the five at the #JusticeForJake rally. Maeve also knows what happened, but Bronwyn lets slip that Cooper told Kris what happened. 

To calm them down, Addy tortures them with Jake’s ghost to distract them from pointing their fingers at each other.

Ep# 3 Simon Says Let’s Get Personal

During the third episode of Season 2 of One of Us is Lying, Bronwyn and Janae sit in a restaurant waiting for Nate to finish his shift. As a result of Cole’s $100k reward, Bronwyn states they should get Jake’s body from his freezer in her family’s yacht so they can bury him. 

For this reason, Janae claims, they did not mess with the body and left it as it was, without messing with it. The two are at the restaurant, and Cole can speak with them while he is there. As he tells his family he has had a lot going through over the years, and he warns them that if they do not help him find Jake, there will be consequences that they will have to endure. 

During a school conversation between Keely and Cooper, they discuss that Jake’s watch is on Cooper’s wrist. Jake is Cooper’s best friend, and despite his wrongful actions, Cooper tells her he misses him despite his wrongdoings. During a public gathering, Vanessa spotted Janae and Maeve kissing as if they were together as a couple.

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Ep# 4 Simon Says Gotcha!

Season 2, episode 4 opens with the six returning the yacht to shore. Maeve manages the situation calmly, but Detective Wheeler starts spiraling. The cop becomes suspicious when Maeve asks for a warrant to look inside her boat. 

Cooper’s phone is returned to her, and she promises to bring him one when she returns. Before leaving the group alone, Wheeler claims the cops were tracking the original sender of the text, not Jake. When Giselle is at Bayview Cheerleading, Cooper and Addy discuss Jake and the cops gaining access to Cooper’s phone. 

According to Vanessa, an investigation is underway to determine where Jake’s car was during the Halloween party night.

One of Us Is Lying Season 2

Ep# 5 Simon Says Ho Ho Ho

We are in the midst of the most beautiful season of the year! Well, that’s not entirely true for the Murder Club. The teens are attending a Christmas tree lighting event. While the school’s principal is giving a speech, Janae hides behind the stage. S.S. had a festive task for the group: Set the town’s Christmas tree on fire. 

As a result of committing another crime, the group meets to discuss the next steps. They are suggested to turn themselves in by Addy. Giselle’s death was their fault, so any future murders S.S. perpetrates will bring them to justice. Others (not so respectfully) disagree, and they turn their attention back to Cole. 

The next day, Addy and Cooper try to talk to a terrified Vanessa. At this point, Vanessa believes her Murder Club classmates murdered Giselle and is afraid of meeting the same fate. According to her, someone she considers a murder club member attempted to pay Giselle off to leave town, so Nate stole money from her motel room.

Ep# 6 Simon Says, You Better Pray

A church confession in a church is the perfect starting point for the Simon Says Your Better Pray episode. According to her, if her religious parents knew about her abortion, they would be beyond furious. In addition to making her see a priest yearly, her parents also force her to go to church. 

The poor priest has to listen to Vanessa’s confessions in the confessional. Her reputation was damaged when Giselle became a fraud, causing her to cancel herself and stop talking publicly about Jake. 

Ep# 7 Simon Says Time Out

Vanessa begins the penultimate episode bound and gagged in a moving car’s trunk. In the meantime, Evan reports his missing hook-up/possible girlfriend to the police, but it isn’t taken seriously. We discover who kidnapped Vanessa in the room where she is held. 

She was more likely to be murdered by her classmates than Simon Says. It doesn’t matter what Cooper and Addy say: Vanessa’s not buying it, and she’s even more convinced than ever that the Murder Club members are guilty of her kidnapping. As Vanessa incorrectly assumes that Maeve is the mysterious person in the bear suit, she tells them about the Halloween night photos.

Ep# 8 Simon Says Game Over

In the finale, Jake and Fiona discuss art therapy during a flashback to rehab. Jake denies that he and Giselle were sleeping together after Giselle began to rumor they were sleeping together. As revealed during their discussion, Fiona stabbed her teacher after he assaulted her. Jake is a sociopath, Fiona tells him. 

In the car, an unsuspecting Nate sits next to Simon Says, and Jake is about to tell Fiona why he went to rehab. As Nate reads Bronwyn’s text about S.S.’s identity, he confronts Fiona, whom he learns has been playing games with them all along. 

Whether to give up the Murder Club members by midnight is up to her. She hopes to avenge the person who pulled the trigger on Jake. Nate is unceremoniously thrown out of Fiona’s car after Fiona stops in the middle of nowhere.

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