New BOJACK HORSEMAN Poster From Netflix’s Latest Original Animation

Raphael Bob-Waksberg created the animated comedy-drama series BoJack Horseman poster. Some actors are Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul. This series primarily takes place in Hollywood, when BoJack Horseman (Arnett) attempts to resurrect his career through an autobiography by ghostwriter Diane Nguyen (Brie).

It also chronicles his disagreements with Princess Carolyn (Sedaris), Mr Peanutbutter (Tompkins), and roommate Todd Chavez (Paul). Longtime friend and collaborator on the webcomic Bob-Waksberg collaborates with cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt on the series. August 22, 2014, marked the premiere of the series on Netflix.

After Netflix renewed it for its sixth and final season on September 20, 2018, the show concluded with 77 episodes on January 31, 2020. The first five seasons of the show consist of twelve episodes each, and seasons six and seven consist of sixteen episodes, each divided into two parts of eight episodes each. On December 19, 2014, a one-off Christmas special was made available.

There are a lot of things you need to know about the characters of BoJack Horseman, as well as the actors who play them:

new bojack horseman poster from netflix's latest original animation

Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman (horse) 

A washed-up misanthrope, the star of the 1990s family sitcom “Horsin’ Around” lives alone in his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad, complains about everything and abuses any drug he can find. BoJack engages the world with a prickly point of view that is both self-aggrandizing and self-loathing.

Aaron Paul as Todd (human) 

A permanent houseguest and best friend of BoJack. Todd is BoJack’s cheerful yin to his acerbic yang, a happy-go-lucky twenty-something who sleeps on his couch. A laid-back and calm individual, Todd happily absorbs the abuse of BoJack (and the rest of the world) and hurries back for more. Despite constantly getting himself into trouble, Todd somehow manages to get himself out of it, inexplicably.

new bojack horseman poster from netflix's latest original animation

Amy Sedaris as Princess Carolyn (cat) 

A former girlfriend/employee with benefits who was on-again-off-again involved with BoJack. As a result of BoJack’s hostile attitude and inability to commit, Princess Carolyn is constantly breaking up with him. Her personal and professional lives must remain separate for her to function effectively. Therefore, she continues to work for him. In addition to being cheerful and cutting, Princess Carolyn seamlessly switches between the two modes. Considering that she is an agent, she emphasises maintaining a high-status level. In comparison to BoJack, she is a paragon of groundedness and responsibility.

Alison Brie as Diane (human) 

BoJack hired a ghostwriter to help him write his memoir. Diane is upbeat and not cloying. She has a dry sense of humour and an ugly duckling past. Instead of confronting others directly, she gives them enough rope to hang themselves. In Hollywood’s craziness, she tries to keep a cool head as a Serious Writer. Her impulsiveness can still take over. When Diane isn’t right (which is usually the case), she knows she’s right.

Paul F. Tompkins as Mr Peanutbutter (dog) 

 A dashing golden retriever who appeared on “Mr Peanutbutter’s House,” a mid-90s sitcom about a wisecracking dog raising three precocious humans. Essentially, Mr. Peanutbutter is a less miserable/more deluded version of BoJack, relentlessly optimistic and devoid of neuroses and shame. Mr Peanutbutter is comfortable as both a C-list sitcom actor and an A-list schmoozer fifteen years past his prime.

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new bojack horseman poster from netflix's latest original animation

BoJack Horseman Poster Collection

The Bojack Horseman Poster collection consists of a variety of items, some of which are discussed below

.1. BoJack Horseman Poster

Most of the time, BoJack lives a life of self-loathing and gloom. His acting career had a silver lining when he was cast in the ’90s family sitcom Horsin’ Around.

The problem with him is that he has become too entrenched in his downfall as an actor who was once brilliantly famous. His coping strategy is to drink too much alcohol, which causes depression and hatred in him.

2. Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn acted as BoJack’s agent and on-and-off girlfriend in the first three seasons. Carolyn is an ambitious and diligent princess. Due to her talent and excellent connections, she was also a top agent at Vigor! She takes an interest in her hectic life despite trying to balance work, BoJack, and her troubled personal life.

3. Diane Nguyen

As a human ghostwriter, she is intelligent, quick, witty, and a Vietnamese-American third-wave feminist from Boston. Rather than being a realist, she is an idealist who aspires to improve the world. Although she preaches what she does not follow, she is a hypocrite.


In conclusion, BoJack Horseman is a critically acclaimed animated comedy-drama series premiered on Netflix in 2014 and ran for six seasons before concluding in 2020. The show’s unique take on Hollywood and its complex characters, brought to life by a talented voice cast, have made it a beloved favourite among viewers.

The BoJack Horseman Poster Collection features a variety of items that pay tribute to the show’s iconic characters and their personalities. With its mix of humour and drama, BoJack Horseman has left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry and its fans alike.

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