Morgana McNelis: Everything You need to know

It is no secret that Morgana McNelis is one of the best jewelry designers in Los Angeles, a social media sensation, and an actress. She also made her screen debut in three movies, and, interestingly, she is dating British actor Charlie Hunnam. Furthermore, Morgana and Charlie began having an affair in 2005, but the matter was publicized in 2014, and they got engaged in 2016.   Morgana McNelis Everything You need to know

World top magazines like British GQ Magazine, Accessories Magazine, and US Weekly also promote her own Jewelry Company. The collection she has made is well worth your attention if you are one of those people who love jewelry a lot. This product can be found in stores in Japan and Los Angeles, as well as online. 

There is still much more to discover about her, but you need to read the entire article below, so let’s look at it.

Quick Facts

Full Name  Morgana McNelis
Born July 9, 1983
Age 40 Years
Height 5 feet 9.5 inches
Body Measurements 36-29-37
Parents Unknown
Partner/Boyfriend Charlie Hunnam
Siblings Marina Milori
Children Not Yet
Business American Jewelry Designer
Relationship since 2005 and present
Qualification High School Graduated
Hair and eye color Brown and Blue
Net Worth $1 to $5 Million

Early Life 

Morgana McNelis was born in Georgia, United States, on September 7, 1983. The beautiful girl was always passionate about jewelry and dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer, so when her younger sister encouraged her to pursue this career path, she decided to do so. The bonding between these two sisters was powerful as they spent their early life together. 

Although she faced many difficulties and hurdles in her life, she never let them stop her from pursuing what she was passionate about. As soon as she graduated, she started attending jewelry design classes daily and worked hard to achieve her goal of becoming a jewelry designer. There is no doubt that it is complicated to balance studies and work. However, she showed it by doing so and went to the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts when she was 20. 


There was a period when she did different courses such as fashion, arts, and business administration at the William Holland School, but she soon quit the school and started to think about starting her own company.

She founded her first business as a metal smith with her sister and opened a jewelry store. The fact that she had a great affection for her work led to her trying out unique designs, which became a huge hit and became one of her trademark designs. 

Unfortunately, in 2007 and 2008, the global financial crisis caused chaos worldwide due to the slowdown in the economy, ultimately leading to her business’s failure. Even though her first business wasn’t a success, she didn’t give up on her dream and continued to work hard, and she learned a lot from this experience.

A lot of hard work and determination led her to launch her own jewelry company, Maison de Morgana, in 2012. Morgana McNelis Everything You need to know

She launched a new jewelry series called Black Magix 2012, which consisted of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and many other items made with a high-quality white bronze and brass alloy.

She was inspired by the art and designs of Ancient Egypt and the Ottoman Empire in her artistic and design works. Many world-famous designers, including Riccardo Tisi and Alexander McQueen, have shared their ideas with her. 

Morgana’s boyfriend, Charlie Hunnam, stars in “Sons of Anarchy” in 2008, where Charlie wears her jewelry. As a result, McNelis didn’t stop at that point. Ten years later, in 2014, he released the BC Armor Collection for the Boot Campaign, a charitable organization she was involved with.

She did appear on the screen briefly in the movie Acting 101 in 2014. However, she has continued designing jewelry and expanded her business globally since she made the film. 


Regarding relationships, McNelis has been in a relationship with British actor Charlie Hunnam since 2005. They never revealed the date or location of how or where they met each other. The couple announced their relationship in 2014 and engaged in 2016 in a private ceremony.

After Morgana and Charlie got engaged, some people bothered her on social media, which resulted in Charlie commenting on one of his friends’ Facebook pages in which he expressed that he was shocked by the reaction of his fans to the engagement. 

According to resources in an interview, Charlie said,

I try to keep the romance on the reg. I’ve been with my girlfriend 11 years, and as anyone knows, it’s been a long-term, fully monogamous relationship that requires work, much work.”

And according to McNelis,

I think the key to maintaining a good balance is creating a safe space within the relationship for both partners to grow and evolve. It’sIt’s very important to be present and participate in each other’s expenses so that falling in love doesn’t happen just once, and it continues to happen over and over.


There is not much information on the internet regarding her qualification except that she went to the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia, United States, where she did several courses like fashion, arts, and business administration. But soon, she quit it and started her own business.Morgana McNelis Everything You need to know

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In early 2020, Charlie made some awkward comments about getting married to Morgana during an interview with SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen about possibly getting married. He claimed that although he wanted to settle down with his long-term girlfriend, he didn’t care about the idea of marrying her, although she wanted to settle down with him too.

He confirmed that he agreed to marry her, even though it was unimportant. In an exclusive interview with TooFab at the Los Angeles International Airport, he apologized later for making remarks that hurt his girlfriend and said he didn’t intend to hurt her in any way.

After the engagement of McNelis and Charlie in 2016, some of the fans bothered her on social media accounts, for which Charlie commented on one of the friend’s Facebook pages in which he expressed that he was shocked by the reaction of his fans to the engagement. 

Net Worth

Based on available resources and estimates, McNelis’s net worth is believed to fall within the range of $1 to $5 million. However, it’s important to note that net worth estimations are often just that – estimations – and may not always be accurate or up-to-date. On Instagram, she has a following of 8K people.

In most cases, net worth is calculated by subtracting liabilities (debts) from assets (property, investments, income, etc.). Several factors can impact net worth. These factors include income, expenses, investments, and debt, which can cause net worth to fluctuate over time.

While McNelis’s exact net worth may not be publicly known, it is clear that she has achieved a certain level of success in her career. As an actress and jewelry designer, she has likely accumulated significant wealth through her work.

Morgana McNelis: Everything You need to know

It’s worth noting that while net worth can be a valuable metric for understanding a person’s financial standing, it doesn’t necessarily reflect a person’s overall value or worth as a human being. Many factors contribute to a person’s success and happiness beyond their financial standing, such as personal relationships, community involvement, and personal fulfillment.


It is no secret that Morgana is a talented jewelry designer, actress, and businesswoman who has succeeded in the entertainment industry over the years. It has been a challenging journey for her in her career.

Despite failures and setbacks, she persevered and worked hard to achieve what she wanted. In addition to having a successful jewelry business, Maison de Morgana is also a famous designer whose designs are popular with many celebrities worldwide and have had a global reaction. 

In addition, she is also involved in a long-term relationship with the British actor Charlie Hunnam, whom she has been dating since the early part of the century. Many people have speculated about Morgana’s motivation for her career in animal welfare and her close relationship with her sister Marina.

However, she keeps her private life out of the public eye because she is a private person and prefers to keep it out of the public eye.


How old is Morgana McNelis?

Morgana McNelis is 39 years old.

Does Morgana have Instagram?

Morgana has an Instagram account with 8242 followers, 21 followers, and 6 posts.

Is Morgana British?

She was born and raised in Georgia, United States, so that's why she is not British. She is American.

How did Charlie Hunnam meet Morgana?

According to resources, they started dating in 2005 but didn't reveal the date, place, and how they met each other.

Are Charlie and Morgan still together?

They are still together as they started dating in 2005.

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