Gobo Fraggle & Mokey Fraggle on ‘Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock’ and the Best Advice They’ve Ever Gotten from the Trash Heap

The fun-loving, musical, always ready to munch a tasty radish character was created by Jim Henson and initially aired in 1983. Mokey Fraggles have returned for the Apple TV series Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, ready to go on new epic adventures. The Fraggle group, which consists of Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober, Mokey, and Uncle Travelling Matt, enjoys connecting with and having fun with everyone and everything, from the smallest Doozers to the largest Gorgs and the wise old Trash Heap.

Gobo Fraggle & Mokey Fraggle on ‘Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock’ and the Best Advice They’ve Ever Gotten from the Trash Heap

GOBO: We’re extremely delighted to speak with you, Radish, you stupid beast.

MOKEY: We’ve never been interviewed before by a Radish. I’d settle for a real radish.

GOBO: But we’re fine with a silly monster as well.

MOKEY: I’m extremely happy.

GOBO: Sure.

I know you guys like radishes, so I’m hoping that counts for something.

MOKEY: It does, really.

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What do you enjoy most about radishes? 

GOBO: Oh well, it starts at an early age. I remember being a little teeny Fraggle and my Uncle Travelling Matt said, “You’ve must try this. It tastes fantastic.” When you’re a small Fraggle, you basically just start building Doozer constructions made of radishes.

MOKEY: Right, so we haven’t had much else.

GOBO: Sure. But then you get your first actual radish, and it’s delicious.

MOKEY: From the ground, from Gorg’s garden.

GOBO: I recall it like it was yesterday. Please wait a moment, Christina Radish. Memories of radish.

Gobo Fraggle & Mokey Fraggle on ‘Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock’ and the Best Advice They’ve Ever Gotten from the Trash Heap

Do you have any favorite radishes recipes? Do you have a favorite method to eat them?

MOKEY: You know, a souffle is always a good idea. Boober creates an incredible radish souffle.

GOBO: Yes, he does. He also prepares a delicious bouillabaisse. I also enjoy a good radish gumbo.

MOKEY: When I’m in a hurry, I’ll slice a radish and spread it on some toast.

GOBO: That’s great.

MOKEY: Straightforward and straightforward. As you may know, Christina, the radish does not require much decoration.

GOBO: And there are countless applications. You should publish a book.

You could write an entire cookbook about what you can do with a radish.

MOKEY: What a brilliant idea!

WOW! GOBO: We could write it with you, Christina Radish, you silly creature.

MOKEY: Will you collaborate with us on it?

I could assist you in writing it, but I must admit that I have never cooked with one, so I’d have to leave it up to you.

GOBO: Have you ever cooked with radishes? Wow! We’re putting a lot of emphasis on radishes.

MOKEY: That is currently blowing my mind.

WOW, GOBO. I’m stunned.

Gobo Fraggle & Mokey Fraggle on ‘Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock’ and the Best Advice They’ve Ever Gotten from the Trash Heap

Uncle is on the road. Matt tells you stories about silly animals and outer space, but you’ve only ever heard them and have never seen them, so how do you imagine a silly creature may look?

MOKEY: Five eyes and two heads.

GOBO: consists of 17 arms.

MOKEY: Foot flippers.

GOBO: You know, I’ve seen the goofy creature who lives in the doorway to outer space, and that silly creature appears to be rather kind. But I haven’t looked any further. Someday, I hope. I’m a daredevil, therefore I might go to space and explore.

Yes, absolutely. I’m hoping for foolish creatures like radishes, or else things will be difficult for me. People particularly enjoy radishes in salads.

What did you think when Uncle Traveling Matt first told you about exploring outer space and meeting strange creatures? 

GOBO: I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a touch scary sounding. That’s something I’d only say in front of you and Mokey, but it’s true. It seems terrifying, but also exhilarating and adventurous. There are several things I’d want to see. He told me about the subway, a fascinating place. That sounds thrilling.

MOKEY: That’s correct.

GOBO: He also informed me about another site called the beach, which was covered in stuff called sand. It appears to be a beautiful area.

What is the first thing you would like to show me if I someday go on my own quest and make it to the Fraggle hole and come visit you guys at Fraggle Rock?

GOBO: That’s the pond back there. We’d love to take you for a swim in the Fraggle pond.

MOKEY: “There’s a radish here, you folks!” we’d want to declare the large hall.

“There’s a radish here!” exclaimed GOBO. Christina Radish, you silly thing!” That’s exactly what we’d do.

Gobo Fraggle & Mokey Fraggle on ‘Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock’ and the Best Advice They’ve Ever Gotten from the Trash Heap

How do the Fraggles get around this? Is all of the singing and dancing beneficial in this regard?

MOKEY: It does, really. What we attempt to do, and perhaps you dumb creatures do as well, is reach out to one another, chat to our friends, and tell them what’s going on within our hearts.

GOBO: It’s all about connecting, checking in with one another, and talking things out. In Fraggle Rock, there’s always room for everyone. Despite our differences, we tend to figure them out.

What do you enjoy most about meditating? 

MOKEY: Oh, Christina, I’m a self-taught artist. I like to start my day with some meditation. It clears my head and allows me to start my day with a clean slate. It’s peaceful and centering, and it really helps me get through the day.

GOBO: I give it a shot.

Thank you so much, you two. I hope to visit you at Fraggle Rock eventually. I appreciate you chatting to me until then.

GOBO: Of course, you’re always welcome. We’ll take you directly to the pond.

MOKEY: That’s correct. Any radish is a lifelong companion of a Fraggle.

GOBO: That’s correct. Christina Radish, you silly creature, we adore you.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the show or a newcomer, you won’t want to miss Mokey Fraggle’s best advice from the Trash Heap.

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