Memory Trailer Reveals Liam Neeson Fighting Both Bad Guys and Old Age

The company has released a video trailer to promote the upcoming action thriller Memory, produced by Open Road Films, starring Liam Neeson. In the Memory trailer, we see Neeson fighting off bad guys while battling aging effects, creating an exciting and action-packed viewing experience. Neeson plays one of the bad guys rather than one of the good guys, which is a welcome change of pace from his previous roles.  

‘Memory’ Trailor Reveals Liam Neeson Fighting Both Bad Guys and Old Age

Don’t worry; the trailer for Memory’s upcoming release emphasizes that the film will be dedicated to one of America’s most enjoyable pastimes. n the first scene of the memory trailer, hitman Alex Lewis (Neeson) is seen pursuing a target he has set for himself. As a highly efficient killer, Alex has only a second to kill his victim before being shot in the head by a bullet. 

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However, Alex has some problems in the field due to his increasing age. This is causing him to be prone to forgetting stuff from time to time. This is why the FBI is finally getting closer to the assassin. This is because Alex fails to clean up the evidence and makes some mistakes with the details of their marks, resulting in the FBI getting closer to the killer. 

Further complicating matters, Alex has set himself as a target for some powerful criminals when he refuses to take down a child. This is a blatant violation of his moral code. Without a compelling revenge story, an action thriller with Neeson wouldn’t be anything more than just an action thriller. 

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It is also evident in the Memory trailer that, despite troubles with criminals and law enforcers, Alex will still find time to hunt down child traffickers. This is while staying on top of his mental health despite dealing with criminals and law enforcers. It might be true that Alex is a hitman, but he is not a monster, and once he discovers why people hired him to kill a child, the assassin decides to use his skills to take down the criminals that the police cannot keep behind bars.

Based on a script by Dario Scardapane (Netflix’s The Punisher), Memory is the basis for the thriller Memory, directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). The memory trailer promises a gripping story and intense action. It is produced by Cathay Schulman, Moshe Diamant, Rupert Maconick, Michael Heimler, and Arthur Sarkissian, and Michael Heimler directs it. Aside from Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci, Taj Atwal, Ray Fearon, and Harold Torres, other cast members are Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci.

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