Who is Melanie Leis? And Also know About Her Relationship With Kelly McGillis

Melanie Leis was born in 1967 in the United States. She is a sales executive of a bartender business and also a theater artist. Yes, she is a working woman. In 2010, she joined Independence Communications, a Philadelphia-based business consulting firm.

Who is Melanie Leis? And Also know About Her Relationship With Kelly McGillis

Melania was the ex-partner of Kelly McGillis, a famous artist. Read this article till the end and get information about Melanie Leis’s life and relationships.

Wiki of Melanie Leis 

Being an entrepreneur, Melanie is rarely seen in the media as she devotes her full attention to her business career. The secret of her success is also her hard work and dedication because Melanie Leis has worked hard day and night. And now she’s helping others benefit from her business acumen.

Along with being a businesswoman, she is also a theater artist, so she is critical in the world of theater. But since she devotes most of her time to her business, she still sometimes posts something for her fans. 

As I mentioned earlier, she is not very active in the media, so her fan list is also short. Melania gained more fame after marrying Kelly because she was a famous artist and was also quite prominent. Indeed, she started his career with a restaurant. And now it is seen that she is swamped in her corporate and entertainment world.

Short Biography

Melanie Leis celebrates her birthday on July 7th; as of 2023, she is now 55. She received her primary education from a local school; she did not go to any big institution for her primary education. Since he became more prominent after marrying Kelly, not much is known about his early life, but now people know him because of her business acumen and other activities.

Moreover, she did her graduation from Barclay School of Music. She holds music degrees and performance, production, and arts. Apart from this, Melanie also holds a degree in Restaurant Management. After that, he started working in theater and, at the same time, turned his attention to business.

 Currently, she is living with her parents in Philadelphia, USA. She is a beautiful woman with a fair complexion. Her sparkling business personality makes her even more attractive.

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Who is Melanie Leis? And Also know About Her Relationship With Kelly McGillis

Impressive Work Experience

Melanie Leis worked as a retail manager for Cingular Wireless from 2001 to 2003. After that, she offered management services in PC from 2004 to 2008. After some time, Melanie worked as a portfolio specialist at the sovereign bank.

Of course, she was and is a hard-working woman. Melanie was then selected as wireless manager again but was offered the RSM of Independent Communications, which she became shortly after marrying Kelly. In the same way, she continued to achieve success.

Who is Kelly McGillis?

Kelly McGillis is a film star and one of the leading actresses who was born on July 9, 1957, in California, USA.  She is the eldest among her siblings. She grew up in Los Angeles and received her primary education from a school there.  

And then, he graduated in art education from a college in California named Allan Hancock College. Kelly then moved to New York, where she graduated from The Juilliard School and studied acting.

 She has been and still is very popular for her film roles.  Kelly has been nominated for and won many awards for her excellent performance. Kelly was first married to Juilliard School classmate Boyd Black in 1979 and divorced in 1981. 

Kelly married Fred Tillman in 1989 and had two daughters before divorcing in 2002.  Not long after that, Kelly met Melanie Leis, was attracted to her, and wanted to have a relationship with her.  And Melanie also expressed her liking for Kelly because she was very impressed with her. 

Kelly and Lewis dated for a while and then broke up, but they both continued to miss each other even after the breakup.  And then, after some time, they both decided to give their relationship a second chance and started dating again.  And then, sometime after that, they got engaged and started a steady relationship, but they were not married yet.

Meeting of Melanie Leis And Kelly McGillis

Kelly McGillis and Melanie Leis met in a Florida restaurant where the former served as a bartender.  After that, Leis and McGillis joined the Civil Union in 2010.

The couple moved to rural Pennsylvania again to raise McGillis’ daughters, Senora Tillman and Kelsey Tillman.  The couple was so happy that they affectionately called each other Mel and Keil.

Melania said in an interview that Kelly came to her restaurant, and they met there and started liking each other. Leis said that Kelly was a star himself, a star in the movie world, but when she saw me, she didn’t think about who I was; she just picked me because of my character and sense of humor. Both of them were more impressed by each other’s goodness than by each other’s fame.

Who is Melanie Leis? And Also know About Her Relationship With Kelly McGillis

Marriage and Breakup

After some time, the couple tied the knot on September 15, 2010, with eleven of Kelly’s friends and her ex-husband Ilman in attendance. The couple had a grand dinner after the wedding in a beautiful but old-fashioned hotel.  After leaving there, these two ladies couple posed and shared pictures in different poses.

The couple was very happy together for a year but suddenly broke up in 2011 and separated.  It is not clear whether they are dating anyone else now or not.

Last Words

I hope I have been able to give you the information you wanted about the relationship between Melanie Leis and Kelly McGillis.  Keep visiting our website for more information and stay updated.

She is a successful sales executive and theater artist who has dedicated herself to her business career. Despite being less active in the media, she has gained recognition for her hard work and dedication.

Melanie’s impressive work experience includes various management roles in the retail and communication sectors. She gained more fame after her relationship with the renowned artist Kelly McGillis. However, their marriage ended in a breakup after a year.

While not much is known about Melanie’s early life, her business and achievements in the arts have made her a notable figure.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the Net Worth of Melanie Leis?

According to an estimate, Melania's net worth is $6000k and according to this report, her salary is $50k.

How rich is Kelly McGillis?

Actress Kelly's total earnings are $4 million which she earned from her acting career.

What caused Kelly and Melanie’s first breakup?

The reason for their breakup was the two daughters of Kelly McGillis who were unhappy.

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