Hasbro Pulse Introduces Marvel Legends ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’ Set at SDCC 2022

Are you a Spider-Man fan? Do you wish you could add some classic Spidey and his amazing friends toys to your collection to remember the delight of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends? Hasbro Pulse’s Marvel Legends series breathes new life into fans of the iconic animated show from 1981! The toys include a 3-pack of Spidey, Firestarter, and Iceman and a 2-pack of Marvel’s Fallen One and Terrax from the Heralds of Galactus! Scorpion, Spider-adversary, Man’s is also getting his toy!

Marvel Legends frequently connects us back to our favorite properties and characters, and the opportunity to revisit the 1980s animation with the new series sounds like a fitting acknowledgment to the characters who occupied many of our childhoods growing up. And honestly, a Firestarter toy looks like an excellent addition to anyone’s collection!

spidey and his amazing friends toys

Spider-Man and His Incredible Friends Marvel Legends 3-Pack Is Unveiling.

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends San Diego Comic-Con 22′ panel revealed some stunning details! Some of these surprises are even available for pre-order, including a new Spider-Man set. That’s right; things are about to get a little nostalgic as the popular animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is brought to life in an astonishing 3-pack! With newly updated decors, Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar come back to tackle your collection in retro style. With some really fun box art depicting these Legends in the series’ iconic intros, the windowless packaging works beautifully for this set.

spidey and his amazing friends toysspidey and his amazing friends toys

The discussion shifts to the 20th anniversary of Marvel Legends.

Jesse: “It’s hard to believe it’s been that long; it doesn’t seem like 20 years. But it’s amazing. Three years for an action figure line is amazing in the toy world. So it says a lot that we’ve had a line for 20 years, but also that the form factor has been copied by so many competitors. Every year, we attempt to push it further. It’s like a micro Hot Toys now that we have digital printing, which was introduced five years ago.”

Ryan asks: “What was a really memorable piece for you?” 

Jesse: “We had access to a bunch of illustrators at Marvel, and I like working with Art Adams because he was such a toy nerd. I remember saying that I wanted to do that first appearance Thing because when Jack Kirby first drew him, he looked like muck, and Art said,’ Say no more,’ and did three views, and we did that first appearance Thing. The other day, I dug out the figure, and it still looks fantastic!”

Ryan: “We are occasionally privileged, but we do not always know everything. We had no idea Tony was going to snap his fingers, but we went back and produced an excellent figure of that. We had no idea Tobey and Andrew would show up.”

Legends have announced a new wave of What If figures for a Star-Lord T’Challa series that will be available soon.

The first figure in the wave is Howard the Duck. Articulation of the head, foot, and arms. It comes with a head of Ant-Man from the Zombies episode. The squad returns to Loki, as portrayed by Richard E. Grant. He has a stern, happy face, several hands, and freshly sculpted power effects.

Also, He Who Remains will be the first appearance of Jonathan Majors in the MCU. He incorporates the apple.

A new comic-accurate Black Panther with updated feet, hands, and shins has been announced. He’s wearing the new Vulcan series body, which features the classic half-cape.

“It’s a significant year for Spider-Man,” Ryan says. He has some of the best Rogues Gallery, in my opinion. For the following two reveals, we’re going to make some extremely severe cuts.”

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spidey and his amazing friends toys

The following character is also the first in the line 

Dan says he needs a special guest to reveal him and summons Robo from The Fwoosh to do it.


Holds up a physical representation of Razorback. Robo claims to adore him because he is an Arkansas villain.

“I have a folder called Weirdos, some of them are deep cuts, but they’re characters who haven’t had figures or require renewing,” Jesse says.

Ryan says:

“There was basically only one thing we wanted Riot to be, and that was to be as big as possible,” 


“They’ll have such a fantastic silhouette when all of them are together. They all appear to be very different.”

Dan takes over to talk about impending vintage waves, with an emphasis on Spider-Man figures. A retro comic Scorpion with a comics-accurate bright green and a redesigned head sculpt has been announced.

A fan wonders if there will be more GamerVerse or, more specifically, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 content. 


“Definitely GamerVerse. We probably wouldn’t do anything based on the past because we have so many games we’re working on, and we already have slots for those games. But never say never.”

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