M Night Shyamalan Net Worth 2023: Career, Income, Life style

M Night Shyamalan Net Worth 2023: Career, Income, Life style: M Night Shyamalan, whose real name is Manoj Nelliyato Shyamalan, is a famous American actor, Indian-born American director, screenwriter, and philanthropist. He completed his education at New York University and, after that, started making films.

He is a shining star from America whose acting is loved all over the world. He has a long list of fans who want to know everything about him, like M Night Shyamalan net worth, biography, career, etc. So to get all the information, scroll down this page and get the required information.

Early Life 

Shyamalan was born on 6 August 1970 in a pure Indian family in India. His hometown is Mahe Pondicherry, where he was born. His father’s name is Dr. Neliattu C. Shyamalan, a neurologist; his mother, Jayalakshmi, a Tamilian, was a doctor.

When Shyamalan was only six weeks old, his parents moved him to the United States. Shyamalan grew up in a Pennine Valley in Pennsylvania and claimed to be there, but he was born in India. He received his early education at Waldron Mercy Academy, a Catholic grammar school, and then went to the Episcopal Academy and studied there.

Of course, he was not a Catholic, which made him feel that he was different from all of them, and his teacher also made him feel the same. And then, when he got the best result in his class, his teacher was surprised that he was not even Catholic, yet he got such a good grade. Similarly, he also gained admission to his university on merit and got excellent results. During his studies, he changed his name to Knight in 1992 and became famous by that name.

Shyamalan’s childhood ambition was to become a movie star and filmmaker, and when he reached the age of 8, he was given a super camera. But his father wanted him to become a doctor like his family, but his mother supported him and let him be whatever he wanted. Then, by the time he reached the age of seventeen, he had made many home movies which he benefited from. When he made his first big film, it mirrored all these films.

Personal Life

Shyamalan is a successful filmmaker who falls in love with and marries his university classmate Bhavana Vaswani. The couple has three daughters, of which one daughter named Ashana is a director, the other daughter Selika is a musician, and the third is Shivani. 

He also has a cousin in America whose name is Ritesh Rajan. As you know, Shyamalan is a very rich person. His family lives in a 125-acre estate in Philadelphia which is very spacious and beautiful.

Manoj Shyamalan is active on Twitter, and many fans follow him. He promotes his movies on his same account and also uploads new pictures for his promotion.

M Night Shyamalan Career

Of course, Manoj Shyamalan is a successful and great actor as well as an excellent director and filmmaker. Who made many super hit films, and they became huge hits too.

He wrote the script for Stuart Little in 1999. In 1999, Manoj Shyamalan wrote the screenplay for Stuart Little and later revealed that he was also the ghostwriter of the film She’s All That.

And then, in the same year, Shyamalan directed The Sixth Sense to critical acclaim. The film became an instant success and became the second-worst horror film.

After that, he directed a comic book thriller movie called Unbreakable which was well-received like the others. In 2002, Manoj Shyamalan directed a super hit movie called Signs. In this film, he also did a cameo as the character of Ray Reddy.

 His first film was called The Village, which The film grossed $257 million on a $60 million budget. He also made many films after that, and those films earned a lot of money, which is the secret of M Night Shyamalan net worth.

M Night Shyamalan Net Worth

Shyamalan is considered one of the richest people in the world, so it is estimated that M Night Shyamalan net worth is around 80 million dollars. And he has earned all this wealth from his brilliant film career.


Of course, M. Night Shyamalan is a great superstar and director who has made many great films, and due to the success of these films, he has also been awarded many awards. So he is the richest man who earned much wealth from his movies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is M Night Shyamalan?

Shyamalan was born on 6 August 1970 in India now he is 52 years old.

What is the full name of M Night?

The real name of M Night Shyamalan is Manoj Nelliyato Shyamalan.

What do you know about Manoj’s achievement?

M. Night Shyamalan was awarded the Best Director award for his excellent direction and was also nominated for his film The Sixth Sense. Moreover, he was honored with many other awards.

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