Jimmy Smacks Net Worth, Career, Biography, and Life

Jimmy Smacks is an adult film actor and social media personality who gained notoriety as a result of his appearance on OnlyFans. He’s presently one of the most subscribed manly directors on his social media.

Despite its character for unequivocal material, OnlyFans isn’t a rigorously NSFW point. On the other hand, OnlyFans accepts happy generators from all stripes. The point has monetized the work of pens, cookers, ridiculous book generators, and painters.

Jimmy Smacks participated in a videotape of himself sexually interacting with another man on Instagram and Twitter. As a result, a sizable portion of his addict base believes he’s homosexual or ambisexual. The man has become an internet sensation. Also, be apprehensive of Taneth Gimenez. Several propositions about his relationship have surfaced in the wake of his fornication allegations. Still, because he’s not gay, knowing that the Joe in the videotape isn’t his nut is cheering.

When questioned about the videotape, Jimmy Smacks claimed it was a show of support for the LGBTQ community. He also appertained to it as an “off-time experience.”

Jimmy Smacks Net Worth, Career, Biography, and Life


Basic Information

  • Real Name Jimmy Smacks
    Gender Male
    Age 32 years (as of 2023)
    Date of Birth 16th Dec 1990
    Birthplace New York, USA
    Nationality American
    Profession TV Actor
    Height 5’11 inches (180 cm)
    Weight 64 Kg (141 lbs)
    Hair color Black
    Eye color Black
    Ethnicity African-American
    Zodiac sign Sagittarius
    Marital status Single
    Children None
    Net worth 2 million dollars

Biography and Early Life

Jimmy Smack is one of the most well known TV personalities in the United States. On 16th December 1990, he was born. He was raised in New York City, America. ASAP Rocky and many other well-known New Yorkers were his adolescent cohorts. While we’re on the subject of his name, his given name is Jimmy, and smack is his alias. There’s little information about the people involved in Jimmy’s nonage. It has been revealed that previous to getting famous, he made his living by dealing with illegal particulars.

According to Jimmy Smack, you’re the only one who truly knows and understands yourself. You’re thoroughly apprehensive of your agonies, palms, guests, trials, and defeats. 

You’re simply anxious about the rigors you have encountered and the embraces you have entered. Each person has a unique trip and life; embrace them and enjoy them with pride. It doesn’t mean that others cannot tell you, but he’s inferring that people should rearrange their precedencies.

A new brace appears to be on the loose in these thoroughfares! Trina’s ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Smacks, ended their relationship before this time and is now dating Mariah Lynn of “Love & Hip Hop New York.” 

Besides all, Mariah and Jimmy’s connection is still in its immaturity. And they’ve been dating for lower than a month but judging by the hot clip of them engaging in some major PDA, and effects are hooting up! 

Despite their on-again, off-again relationship, they’re now ready to declare their love intimately.

Jimmy lives an enviable life, from internet marketing to dating celebrities to now creating racks from OnlyFans. Trina’s ex-boyfriend released everything on social platforms.

The social media celebrity indeed revealed how important income he earns from his OnlyFans regard in a single week. Jimmy claims that he makes almost 1 million dollars per month from OnlyFans.

Jimmy Smacks Net Worth, Career, Biography, and Life


Jimmy Smacks, a prominent social media influencer and entrepreneur, has looked up to successful peers such as ASAP Rocky, Pharrell, and Jay Z, who started from humble beginnings and made it big in their respective fields.

Initially, Jimmy tried his hand at network marketing in 2014, but it didn’t work out. Subsequently, he became an influencer and content creator, which proved to be a successful career move. He has gained a massive following on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where he has established himself as a prominent brand.

However, Jimmy Smacks is perhaps most renowned for his presence on OnlyFans, where he has made a name for himself with his adult content and videos. For Jimmy, OnlyFans provides a platform to promote himself and earn revenue from his posts.

Besides being a social media influencer, Jimmy is a musician with several singles. Some of his notable releases include “Papa Rich,” “Hating Life,” “Anguish,” “The Scarlet Beast,” and “Death is Certain.”

Jimmy Smacks Net Worth, Career, Biography, and Life

Net Worth

Social media has contributed significantly to Jimmy’s net worth. His platforms have been monetized, so he is paid based on the number of views he attracts. He has also earned money through partnerships, brand endorsements, and advertisement. In order to show off his flashy lifestyle, he likes to flaunt it to others.

His net worth is estimated to be around $2-3 million as of 2023, which is the result of his earnings from his business OnlyFans. He also earns money from his online store, which sells adult goods and content.

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