Introducing Juliana Folk: The Captivating New Blonde Spokeswoman of Newday USA

If you are curious about the identity of Newday USA’s new blonde spokeswoman, you have come to the right place. In an exciting revelation, the company has introduced Juliana Folk as their fresh brand ambassador, replacing the renowned Tatiana Zappardino with upcoming ads. 

Her radiant charm and undeniable presence bring fresh energy and captivating allure to the brand. Let’s take a closer look at Juliana’s fascinating biography as we explore her background, career, personal life, net worth, and more.

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Newday USA Blonde Girl, Juliana Folk’s Quick Facts 


Full Name  Julina Flok
Nick Name Julina
Date of Birth Not Known
Birth Place  Southern California, U.S.A
Age  Approximately 35 years 
Current Residence Los Angeles, California U.S.A
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  white/ European Descent 
Religion  Christian 
Profession  Model, Actress, Writer, Producer
Marital Status  Married 
Spouse Jeremy Folk
Hasbnd’s Profession  Photographer
Children  1
Father  Jimi Vincenzo Bertucci
Father’s Profession  Musician
Mother  Colleen Berrtucci
School/High School  Unknown
College  Crafton Hills College
Educational Qualification  Un known
Networth  $700k
Height in feet  5.3 Feets
Build  Athletic Toned
Height in Centimeters  160
Weight in Kilograms  56
Weight in Pounds  128lbs
Hair Color  Brown/Blonde
Eyes Color Hazel

Juliana Folk’s Family Background 

Juliana Folk was born and raised in Southern California, where she grew up in an artistic environment with her parents. Her father, Jimi Vicenzo Bertucci, was the lead singer of the renowned 1980s Canadian Band of Abraham Children, and her mother, Colleen Bertucci, is a housewife. 

Her father’s musical career exposed her to a variety of musical genres, which enhanced her interest in arts and entertainment. Her mother also played a significant role in her career achievements. As a caring mother, she encouraged her daughter to explore her artistic talents and supported her dream of becoming an actress.

With her parents’ support and family background in arts, she pursued her dreams of a career in the entertainment industry, which led her to become the beautiful new face of Newday USA’s commercials.

Who is Juliana Folk? Meet Newday U.S.A blonde spokeswoman

Early Life & Education

Julina spent her early life with her parents in the U.S.A. However, she has always been a  mystery, with little information available about her upbringing. Although her current work as an actress, model, and writer has undoubtedly made an impact, she is well known for her contribution to the entertainment industry.

As for her education is concerned, Juliana pursued her education at Crafton Hills College, a community college in Yucaipa, California. At the same time, details about her specific field of study or degree are not widely available. 

During high school, Juliana enrolled in film and production classes, which further fueled her passion for the arts and laid the groundwork for her future success. Her involvement in these classes allowed her to gain practical experience and develop skills that would prove invaluable in her journey as a model, actress, writer, and producer.

Juliana’s educational background, natural talent, and determination have contributed to her success in the entertainment industry. Her ability to connect with audiences and deliver engaging performances proves her dedication and the skills she has acquired throughout her education and career.

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Career Beginnings

Before stepping into the spotlight as the blonde spokeswoman for New Day USA, Juliana started her career as a model and actress. During her early time in this field, she produced a weekly morning show, which included announcements, upcoming events, and even little skits and dance performances.  She gained valuable experience through producing the show, which later helped her to develop the skills she needed to succeed in the industry.

 Her first significant on-screen appearances came in various films and TV shows, including “NCIS: Hawai,” “Under a Black Cloud,” “Uncredited Massive,” and “The Cost of Colour.” Juliana’s talent and versatility in front of the camera set the stage for her future success.

Becoming the Face of New Day USA

New Day USA, a prominent mortgage company with a strong presence in the industry, decided to entrust Juliana Folk as their new brand ambassador. In 2023, she replaced Tatiana Zappardino and took on the responsibility of representing the company in its Veteran Home Loan commercials.

With her expertise in marketing and communications, Juliana also plays a vital role in maintaining the New Day USA brand’s identity and reputation. Her skills in digital marketing, content creation, and brand strategy have contributed to the company’s continued success.

Juliana’s remarkable performance and ability to connect with audiences have garnered her a significant following and established her as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Who is Juliana Folk? Meet Newday U.S.A blonde spokeswoman

Awards and Achievements 

Juliana‘s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Although she has not won any major awards yet, she has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her performances are widely praised, and she has become a recognizable face on both the small and big screens. Her significant achievements which make her famous are as follows,

  • Rising Star: Juliana’s breakthrough role as the blonde spokeswoman in the New Day USA commercial earned her recognition as a rising star in the entertainment industry.
  • Outstanding Performance in Commercials: Critics and industry professionals have praised her captivating presence and ability to connect with audiences.
  • Social Media Influence: Juliana’s growing influence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, has allowed her to engage with fans and establish a strong personal bond.

Personal Life

Outside of her professional achievements, Juliana enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She is happily married to her partner, Jeremy Folk, a skilled photographer based in Los Angeles. The couple has been together for over six years and has built a solid and supportive bond. However, the details of how they met and their wedding remain private, as Juliana prefers to keep certain aspects of her personal life away from the public eye.

Adding to the joy in their lives, Juliana and Jeremy are proud parents to a child. She frequently shares moments with her little one on her Instagram posts, representing the love and happiness that family brings to her life.

Who is Juliana Folk? Meet Newday U.S.A blonde spokeswoman

With her stunning personality and ambitious nature, Juliana knows how to enjoy a healthy life. She enjoys her personal time and frequently shares heartwarming activities that bring her joy and fulfillment. Whether spending quality time with her loved ones or pursuing personal hobbies, Juliana understands the importance of balance and self-care in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling personal life.

While Juliana Folk’s professional achievements have garnered attention, her personal life remains a cherished aspect that she holds dear. With a loving partner, a beautiful family, and a passion for enjoying life’s simple pleasures, Juliana finds happiness and contentment beyond the spotlight.

Dating History 

Specific details about her dating history remain undisclosed. Juliana has chosen to celebrate her commitment to her significant other through the marriage bond. She firmly believes in the sanctity of this lifelong partnership and values the love and support she shares with her spouse.

Juliana’s decision to keep her dating life private only adds to the intrigue surrounding her personal life. She has managed to keep her relationship out of the public eye by maintaining a certain level of privacy. She dated and eventually married the same person.

She enjoys the intimacy and happiness that comes with a loving marriage. Juliana’s dedication to maintaining her love life is evident in her belief in the strength and beauty of a committed relationship.

Physical Appearance 

Juliana Folk’s physical appearance is nothing short of enchanting, attracting audiences with her striking features and radiant charm. Her blonde hair adds to her overall appeal, complementing her complexion and accentuating her features. Her hair frames her face beautifully, enhancing her fascinating presence.

Juliana’s expressive eyes, adorned with hazel irises, exude warmth and depth. They are often described as mesmerizing and drawing attention to those who encounter them. Her expressive gaze conveys emotions and effortlessly engages audiences, making her performances even more real.

Who is Juliana Folk? Meet Newday U.S.A blonde spokeswoman

Standing at approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall, Juliana possesses a graceful stature. Her slender figure, combined with her confident demeanor, adds to her visual charm and stage presence. Juliana’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle and self-care shines through in her well-maintained physique; her fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


As a multi-talented entertainer, Juliana Folk has accumulated an impressive net worth. It is estimated that her net worth currently stands at approximately $700,000. Her successful career in the entertainment industry, endorsements, and brand collaborations have contributed to her financial prosperity.

Juliana’s continued industry growth and expanding popularity indicate that her net worth will likely increase in the coming years.


Juliana Folk’s introduction as the new blonde spokeswoman for New day USA represents her growing prominence in the entertainment industry. She has become a rising star with her attractive presence, versatile talent, and success in various fields. Juliana’s ability to connect with audiences and her contributions as a brand ambassador highlights her marketing and communication skills. Her steadily increasing net worth suggests a bright future in the entertainment industry.

While balancing her professional achievements, she also enjoys a fulfilling personal life with her partner and child. In short, she is a role model for many peoples who want to carry their personal and professional life together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the blonde in the Newday U.S.A. commercial?

As of 2023, the new blonde spokesperson in the New Day USA commercial is Juliana Folk. Juliana has recently taken over as the fresh face of the company, captivating audiences with her charm and stunning personality.

What future is waiting for Juliana?

Juliana’s hard work and talent have certainly paid off as her net worth continues to grow. With her impressive performances and increasing recognition in the industry, it's clear that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Is the New Day USA spokesperson married?

Yes, the new blonde spokeswoman in the Newday USA is married to her husband, Jeremy Folk.

What is the profession of Juliana folk?

The new Spokeswoman of the USA Newday brand is a well-known model, actress, writer, and producer.

Where is the new blonde spokeswoman based?

The new Spokeswoman for the Newday USA commercial is based in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, USA.

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