Diana Jenkins Net Worth: and Some Other Aspects of Her Life

Diana Jenkins has become one of the most well-known names in this world. There is no doubt that Sanela Diana Jenkins, the Enduring Vision Award winner, is one of the world’s best and most prominent entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Diana Jenkins net worth reflects her extraordinary ability to work hard and achieve fame. Of course, if you want to know Diana Jenkins’s net worth, life, and other aspects, read this article until the end and get the necessary information.

Who is Diana Jenkins?

Diana Jenkins is a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist. Of course, Diana Jenkins is a famous businesswoman who has worked harder in her present than in her past and made her future great. She received fame in Bosnia as well as in Yugoslavia after she was born in Yugoslavia.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth: and Some Other Aspects of Her Life

The Elton John Aids Foundation has recognized Diana’s work as an Enduring Vision Award, which is a great honor and is very encouraging to hear. Diana Jenkins completed her education in London, and then in 2009, she opened her own beverage company called ‘Neuro Drink.’ She is currently this company’s CEO and owns a music label company.  

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Net Worth

She is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and reality TV personalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an estimated net worth of $300 million. Diana Jenkins earned fame as a humanitarian warrior and the founder of a successful beverage startup.

And from this start-up, Diana earned fame and much money. The actress became a new cast member of the reality TV show “Housewives of Beverly Hills” in May of 2022. In addition to her TV career, Diana Jenkins focused on selling her Malibu mansion to WhatsApp founder John Koum for $87 million in 2021.

Why does she appear in the news?

As many of you know, she is by far the richest and newest member of RHOBH. She announced earlier this year that she will not return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as of now. The exit was because Diana and her fiancé are planning a second child this year, so she wants to stay home and rest.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth: and Some Other Aspects of Her Life

Basic Facts

Real Name Sanela Diana Jenkins
Nickname Didi
Mother’s Name Rasida Catic
Father’s Name Smajo Catic
Spouse(s) Roger Jenkins (1999-2011), Asher Monroe (present)
Date of Birth October 24, 1973
Age 50 years
Home Town Sarajevo, SR Bosnia
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Children Innis Jenkins, Eneya Jenkins, Ileana More
Nationality Bosnian
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 60 kg
Education City University, London
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Light Brown


Diana Jenkins Early Life

In addition to playing Sanela Diana on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Diana Jenkins was born on October 24, 1973, in Bosnia. Diana Jenkins comes from a middle-class family, whose father was an economist, and her mother was an accountant.

They lived in a smaller-than-normal apartment because they could not afford an expensive apartment.

Let me tell you, Diana Jenkins’s childhood was not as remarkable as that of other artists. Moreover, Diana Jakins had to leave her birthplace in 1992 due to the war. Of course, Diana Jenkins worked hard to make her life easier. 

However, “Diana Jenkins Net Worth” is proof of her hard work. After leaving her birthplace, she saved herself and reached London, where she studied computer science and economics. Diana then worked as a clerk in a convent garden and saved money to open her jewelry stand.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth: and Some Other Aspects of Her Life

Moreover, she also created the ‘Sanela Diana Jakins Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina’ in her brother’s memory. The Serbian army killed Diana’s brother Irins Catic. This foundation works on the reconstruction of Bosnia.  

Diana Jenkins is a philanthropist who has a passion for helping people and has taken many steps for it. Of course, these qualities are the reason for her success.

Some Professional Details

Occupation Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Businesswoman
Featured In The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Twelfth Season
Company Neuro Drink – Beverage Company
Awards and Achievements Enduring Vision Awards (2012)
Hobbies Business, Fitness, Charity
Instagram Username @sdjneuro
Twitter Username @Dianajenkins
Net Worth $300 Million (2023)

Personal Life

In the late 20s, Diana married Roger Jenkins, chairman of Barclays Middle Eastern business. The marriage lasted for some time. Then, in 2011, the couple mutually decided to separate. This couple had two children together. Diana received 150 million Euros ($180 million) in the settlement.

Later, in 2020, Sanela Diana Jenkins got engaged to her boyfriend, Asher Monroe, an American singer and songwriter. Not long after that, in 2020, Diana posted a post on Instagram that broke the news that she would not return to The Real Housewives of Beverly.

Professional Life

Sanela Diana Jenkins is known by her middle name Diana Jenkins. She is a 50-year-old businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Of course, Diana is a shining star in the business world who made her fortune through hard work.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth: and Some Other Aspects of Her Life

Of course, She is the CEO of the lifestyle beverage company Neuro Drink and is the person who has led the company on its path to growth. The company called Neuro Drink has agreements with world-famous companies. It works with Walter and Amazon.

Bottom Line

She is one of the celebrities who learned a lot from her past and worked hard to make her future bright. Diana Jenkins net worth is a testament to her hard work. She is indeed an inspiring personality. I hope you got the information you wanted. Stay with us for more details.

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