CW’s The Flash Season 9 – A Spectacular Ending!

CW’s The Flash Season 9 – A Spectacular Ending: I am writing this with a heavy heart – our favourite superhero series, The Flash, has reached its conclusion after an epic 9-year journey. Not only has The Flash ended, but Arrowverse has also concluded with it. The franchise began with Arrow, expanded with The Flash, and now ended with it. It feels like something from our lives is also gone along the way. But as fans, we are happy with the way it all came to a beautiful end.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we were secretly hoping for The Flash to continue streaming, taking us to 2040, where we see Barry’s children carrying his legacy. ALAS! The creators had some other plans in mind.

Watching the last episode wasn’t easy, and I guess we will never be able to accept the fact that it’s all in the past now. All we can do now is move forward with a new hope. But before going ahead, let’s relive some of the best emotional moments from The Flash Season 9 Finale.

Major Highlights From The Flash Season 9 Last Episode

  • Eddie becomes Cobalt Blue and resurrects Reverse Flash, Zoom, Savitar, and Godspeed.
  • Team Flash engages in a battle with the resurrected speedsters.
  • Nora confronts Savitar and ultimately defeats him by stabbing him.
  • Cecile adopts the superhero name Virtue and defeats Godspeed.
  • Allegra rescues Chester from Eobard’s clutches.
  • Jay Garrick steals Eddie’s speed during the fight.
  • Eddie retreats into the Negative Speed Force to gain more speed.
  • Barry follows Eddie and convinces him not to follow Eobard’s path.
  • Eddie destroys the crystal and expresses happiness for Iris.
  • Barry returns to Iris at the hospital.
  • Mark reveals that Chester possesses black hole powers.
  • Nora is born the following day, and Harrison Wells advises Khione to protect the natural order.
  • Khione bids farewell to Team Flash, bringing Caitlin back to life.
  • A celebration occurs one week later, where Barry apologizes to Caitlin, and Joe and Cecile get engaged.

The Flash ended after 9 seasons, as Barry empowers Avery Ho, Max Mercury, and Jess Chambers to become new speedsters.

I know what you’re thinking. No, Barry didn’t give up his powers. He just shared it with the deserving ones. Barry is seen running as The Flash, unleashing a lightning bolt, after which the screen goes black forever!

The Flash Legacy and Future Speculations

Barry unleashes a lightning bolt and chooses  Avery HoMax Mercury and Jess Chambers to become new speedsters

This is what Wikipedia reads in the written update of The Flash Season 9 Last Episode. Keeping our hopes high, we can take this unexpected twist as a hint toward a new series based on The Flash comics.

There’s a possibility that The Flash’s children Nora (XS) and Bart (Impulse) will be back on our screens, bringing a new superhero series. Of course, The Flash’s legacy will be continued. Let’s hope for the best!

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to see Barry and Oliver’s legacies continued by their kids. Yes, I am hinting at the new Green Arrow series. Arrowverse must be reborn – bringing our favorite superhero series back. 


After a remarkable nine-year journey, we sadly say goodbye to The Flash and the Arrowverse. While it’s hard to accept, we appreciate the series’ beautiful ending. The last episode was filled with emotional moments and highlights, and the empowerment of new speedsters hints at the possibility of a future Flash series.

The legacy of The Flash and the potential return of Barry’s children give us hope for the rebirth of the Arrowverse. Although we bid farewell, the impact of these superhero stories will forever live on in our hearts.

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