Complete Guidance About Pixwox

In today’s article, you will get a complete guide about Pixwox.  You must be very curious to know about it, what is it?  And how is it used?  So stay with us to get all this information.  Pixwox is a great application that helps you quickly view and download people’s posts and stories on Instagram.


And the interesting thing is that if you want to see someone’s Instagram profile secretly, this app is perfect for you.

Every thing you know about Pixwox

Everyone is secretly stalking someone in their life, whether it is an enemy or someone’s ex-boyfriend, everyone is secretly stalking.  Yes, that’s right if you want to stalk someone secretly, then this app is for you.  Read this article till the end to get more about this application.

Interesting Things About Pixwox

Pixwox is an application that lets you download and save anyone’s Instagram stories and photos.  Moreover, you can re-upload these downloaded images and videos to your account, which is very useful and interesting for users.

Through Pixwox, you can easily download your favorite videos and reupload them on your Instagram story with new captions. You can save a lot of time by downloading many pics and videos at once.


You can create your own story with this application without revealing your identity or personal information to anyone. 

  • You can download any video from the internet without registering this app with your account.
  •  Your Pixwox history is most hidden.
  •  If you’re curious about the history of Pixwox, you can check that out as well.
  •  This application does not need to log in again and again.
  •  Pixwox allows you to download any video or image after viewing safely.
  • This application is completely free to use.


As mentioned above, you have seen many benefits of this app, but everything has pros and cons.  Similarly, this software has advantages and disadvantages.  So let’s see what its disadvantages are.  Read the following:

  • There have been many negative reviews about this website.
  •  It is said that it often fails to find the required account.
  • His recognition on social media is not much.
  •   Moreover, this software is still new in this field.

The rating of this website is very low now because whenever a new website comes, its rating is usually high, people are curious, but the popularity of this website is very low.

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Complete Guidance About Pixwox

Steps to Download And View Instagram Stories 

Below you will find some steps on how you can view and download videos and photos on Instagram.

  • First of all, the username of the Instagram user whose stories and videos you want to see.
  •  In the next step, you select any good browser like Chrome, opera, edge or javascript, etc., and then open Pixwox on it
  • Then enter the username of the person whose videos and photos you want to see and download and then click on the search button.
  • Your required data will be collected through the Pixwox app and will reach you. Then if you want to read and download the post, then click on the page of the post.
  • You can download videos and images by clicking on the “Download” button at the bottom of the page that opens in front of you.  This app makes downloading videos very easy.

Features of Pixwox

Here are some of the best features of Pixwox, like working fast, HD quality, No ads, etc. 

Working Fast

If you want to download any content from Instagram quickly in less time, then Pixwox fulfills your wish in a good way.  You can download your favorite videos in seconds with just a few clicks.  And this is the best feature of this software.

HD Quality

This app provides images with high-quality HD results.  These images are so clear that if you want to print them or share them online, they are ideal for all that.

No Ads

It is an excellent social media platform that allows its users to share photos and videos without any ad interruption.  Since no ads are displayed on this app, users download their favorite content with full attention.

Alternatives of Pixwox

We have a list of paxwax alternatives which are listed below:











All the alternatives given above are similar to Pixwox. Only their features may be slightly different from each other, but they work the same.  You can download any videos and photos from Instagram by using all these applications.  Moreover, these images can also be enlarged.


Through this article, I have brought you the important aspects of Pixwox, and I hope my article will help you to download videos and photos from Instagram.  Moreover, before using any website, it is mandatory to check its advantages and disadvantages once to protect you from all kinds of harm.  Stay with us for more information.

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