The Community recaps “Wedding Videography” as Part of Their Community Recap.

“Wedding Videography” will be a hit-or-miss experience for some of you. This is Community, and you are already familiar with the theme, but still, this is a little out there. At the beginning of the episode, Jeff serves himself a drink and takes ice from the desk drawer to teach his law class.

In explaining to the class that he will teach something beyond writing “Law” on the blackboard, Jeff introduces Garrett, the Community side character. After discussing marriage law with the class, Garrett asks a girl near the back, Stacy, if she wants to marry him.

He winces before she can answer, believing it’s a foregone conclusion that she will refuse, but he is shocked when she accepts. In this episode, he serves as the focal point, which allows the gang to interact in a wedding setting.

wedding videography

As the episode is filmed through Abed’s eyes, various characters provide narration throughout the night. Similarly to this latest installment, sometimes the writers ignore the concept entirely, while at other times, they seem to dive too deep into it.

Some scenes in the film work well, such as Annie’s recording of her missing girlfriend scenario, but there are others in which Abed is absent from the proceedings that do not work. In preparation for Garrett’s wedding, the gang has a bit of fun as a group, enjoying one another’s company while playing a game called “Celebrity Garrett Marriage,” in which each group member impersonates Garrett or a famous person.

There is a lot of laughter from both sides of impersonations. We also better understand Frankie, who is finally given a more significant role in the pre-wedding scene, as she discusses how she converted sleepovers into religious stonings. Even though we are approaching our season finale (outside of maybe a film), I am surprised at the beautiful relationship that forms between Frankie and Annie in this episode, and I have no idea why they did not do more with this earlier.

Not long before the gang realizes they are late to the wedding because of their hijinks, they run out of the door. At this point, Chang realizes that he remains “home alone” and starts to freak out before Jeff grabs him and Abed and pulls them out of the house.

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During Garrett’s vows to Stacy, the gang hilariously crashes the party, showing their self-centered, obnoxious sides as they shush one another, interrupting Garrett’s vows to Stacy and ultimately falling over some bushes in an attempt to get to their seats quietly as they interrupt Garrett’s vows to Stacy.

While all this is happening, Todd, another side character acting as minister for the wedding, contemplates the meaning of life and wonders if he is God. Moreover, this episode’s “hit or miss” nature can also be attributed to its lack of substance and its overlong duration, which may be too long for some viewers.

Amid the gang’s excitement over how well they are behaving, Garrett’s mother reminds them of how horrible they are acting and to please take it down a notch to not spur Garrett to attempt suicide later! Yikes.

Wedding Videography

As the gang begins to mingle with the wedding attendees and each other, the episode reaches its peak, as the team starts mixing with the entire wedding party. During one of the film’s funniest scenes of the film that Elroy reveals how he became addicted to encouraging white people during his “tech days.” Throughout the show, Keith David proves he is a godsend every week by strolling through the wedding party, telling white guests that they are “great at wearing pants” and “great at scooping meatballs.”

The excellent older brother of Garrett (who is merely Garrett’s actor wearing a wig) crashes the scene and cannot deliver the best man speech, allowing Jeff to slip in as best man. As Jeff talks to the group, he asks them to provide him with all the information they have about the family members attending the wedding so that he can give the best speech. Consequently, things go wrong at the wedding.

As Jeff begins his speech, the wedding party discovers that Garrett and Stacy share the same “Mee Maw.” That’s right, Garrett and Stacy are cousins and have been related for generations.

As a result, Garrett decides that the couple should get an annulment, causing Chang to get up and try to persuade him to change his mind. According to Chang, Garrett is facing the world head-on, and he is going to lose, so why not stay married to each other if they are in love with each other? This is what Garrett and Stacy agree on, and the gang happily starts slowly dancing with each other all at the same time as the episode ends.

Wedding Videography

In the end, Briggs Hatton appears on the screen at the end of “Wedding Videography,” stating he is the episode’s creator and has advocated for cousins marrying and incest.

It is important to note that Briggs Hatton wrote the attack, but Matt Gourley played the role of him in the movie. As part of his discussion with the other Community writers, Briggs had arranged for the episode to be made under the stipulation that he reveals his identity and views at the end. The rest of the Community writers had agreed upon this arrangement.

As an ending for an already strange episode, it’s a bizarre but funny way to cap it all off. The movie will either be one you like or you will probably hate, but I thought it was decent enough that I would recommend it. 

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