Christian Camargo on ‘See’ Season 2 and Why He Loves Playing the Witch Hunter Tamacti Jun

I recently spoke with Christian Camargo about the development of the amazing post-apocalyptic drama series See, which is now streaming on Apple TV. Camargo discusses why he enjoys playing the badass witch hunter Tamacti Jun, how he found out he’d be back for Season 2, what they learned making the first season that they incorporated into Season 2, what people would be surprised to learn about the making of See, what it’s really like filming on location, and more during the interview. 

If you are interested, you can read what Christian Camargo said about it below.

Christian Camargo on ‘See’ Season 2 and Why He Loves Playing the Witch Hunter Tamacti Jun

You’ve put in a lot of effort on stage. I’m curious if you have a favorite theater in which to perform and a favorite theater in which to see something.

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: Oh, okay. Wow. That’s a really interesting question. I’m sorry to tell you that, but they’re both from England, so no insult to my New York friends. My favorite venue to perform at was the Globe Theater in London. 

When did you hear that you’d be returning for season two and would have an arc, you never know with a show like this, and the first few episodes show some changes.

CAMARGO: Correct. It almost feels like a separate program, a completely new show, but I didn’t realize it until after we finished the first season. So there was some downtime. I had only signed up for one year, so it came as a surprise to me as well. And then how it’s returned. It was extremely… Tamacti is one of the characters with the most arcs, even if she only appeared in season one. 

One of the problems with See is that it moves at a breakneck pace, especially in season two. What can you tease fans about season two in general?

CAMARGO: Well, I believe this season… The first season was almost too long. It had escaped. And by “out,” I mean “introducing the audience to the environment, the conditions, the backstories,” with distinct adversaries and protagonists. It’s actually enlarged in terms of individuals, and the environment is considerably wider this season. 

Christian Camargo on ‘See’ Season 2 and Why He Loves Playing the Witch Hunter Tamacti Jun

When making the first season of any series, you’re learning how to make the show, so what can you do each week? 

CAMARGO: Well, I suppose we worked that muscle in the first season with Joe Strechay, the blind consultant who helped us work with no sight. The second season was less scary. We’d become used to it. So we can sort of avoid that major hurdle since it was difficult to find out. 

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I enjoy learning about the processes that go into manufacturing something. So, what do you think people might be surprised to hear about the making of See?

CAMARGO: So, how much attention is paid to the world of the blind? This is a TV show, after all. Because it is a visual medium, individuals will see a variety of things. However, everything has a purpose when we look at sets, interior spaces, communities, and other things like that. The locations where you shoot look both gorgeous and frigid on screen. Can you just talk about filming on location?

CAMARGO: It’s mostly that, and you’re right about how chilly it was. Yes, especially if you have prosthetics on your head and are unable to wear caps. So the thing about this show is that it is authentic. This isn’t some made-up studio thing with blue, green, or whatever. We go to the locations, I mean. So, back in season one, no one believed I was actually on a dam.

I’m curious if you could tell me about The Last Manhunt, which you directed, and I believe Jason Mamoa helped with the story. What’s the story behind this?

CAMARGO: It was very much a collaborative event. Jason approached me about appearing in his next summer film, The Last Manhunt. But because his schedule was so absurd, he requested me to take over and direct it at the last minute because his schedule had become too restricting for him to accomplish it. So it was sort of like an impromptu experiment. 

Christian Camargo on ‘See’ Season 2 and Why He Loves Playing the Witch Hunter Tamacti Jun

What is the release schedule?

CAMARGO: I think it’s just been a huge problem to get them to finish because of COVID and everything. It’s quite expensive to hire performers to come in and do ADR and everything else for tiny films. So I believe the producers are waiting for things to quiet down before completing it. 

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