The Best Shows like Bojack Horseman For Fans Who Can’t Get Over

The Best Shows like Bojack Horseman For Fans Who Can’t Get Over: When Rolling Stone, its updated list of 100 greatest shows of all time put together, invited dozens of critics, actors, and TV creators, their 50 favourite series submit ranked ballots of, we tabulated to figure out the final order

People submitted shorter lists, and one insisted they list their favourites alphabetically. Still, almost everyone assembled simple, easy-to-understand lists of what they think is the finest show ever. From quirky humor to complex characters, these series are sure to satisfy your appetite for more shows like Bojack Horseman.

The Best Shows like Bojack Horseman For Fans Who Can't Get Over

And then there was Raphael Bob-Waksberg. It took a very different approach for the creator of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman (who also created Undone and produced Adult Swim’s Tuca & Bertie) to come up with his show. Can see here:

Several creators and actors asked if they could vote for the shows they worked on. And we had one creator who refused to vote for any of their shows.

Again, it’s all personal. And if I’m thinking about the shows that affected me the most, have taken me on the most profound journeys, and influenced the way I see the world the most, it’s hard to beat those three shows. And they happen to be great shows!

Were you concerned that doing that first-place tie, or any of these other votes, would invalidate the ballot and result in no points in the final tally?

[Laughs incredulously.] I don’t care! The points for what? Who cares? It’s all for fun! It’s all just for nerds to fill out online. OK, I’m thrilled that BoJack made a list.

Some are simple votes. They are in a much larger font

Others commented that I had to shrink the font to make room for it. But, yes, I didn’t have a joke about Mad Men and Key & Peele and the others.

I want to ask about some specific comments, starting with “SNL when you were in high school.”

Again, what else do you need to know? The topic is as uncontroversial as any on this list. I mean, maybe it should be a little higher because. Who didn’t realize this when you were in high school?

The Best Shows like Bojack Horseman For Fans Who Can't Get Over

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Children interrupt the BBC News interview.

Oh my god! It’s so delicious! Then he said, “I don’t want to just put ‘YouTube videos’ on this list.” But that aired on terrestrial television, which felt like legitimate TV.

Did the Canadian Newsroom take a dig at Aaron Sorkin, or have you seen it?

Yes! I love it. That was also very influential on me.

I watched it in high school when it was on PBS. My family didn’t have cable. So this was the closest I ever got to an edgy comedy. I saw it before The Larry Sanders Show.


How do you feel about The X-Files as a whole, though?

Also enjoyable, but it didn’t make my list. Not as enjoyable! In that one episode, there’s a subgenre of shows in the format of other shows. When it’s done well, it’s flawless. Just Shoot Me had a biography episode that I liked.

“The Leftovers after they changed the opening credits.” Is that a commentary on the original credits, or are you saying that Season Two and Three were better?

I think it’s both. It’s not unusual for a show to find its footing near the end of Season One and then move forward during Season Two. Season Two of The Leftovers does reintroduce itself. It suggests a show that I think is more in line with the show.

And Sesame Street overall?

Also very enjoyable! But the Grover-as-waiter sketches are better. And again, this is personal to me; Elmo has upstaged Grover. I have no beef with that. Times change, tastes change, and kids love Elmo now.

The Best Shows like Bojack Horseman For Fans Who Can't Get Over

Michael Eis introduces “The Wonderful World of Disney.”

Part of this is influenced by my working with Michael Eisner on all three of my TV shows. His production company is Bojack Jack and Tuca and Bertie and Undone. I pitched him, and I have some affection for him. But I grew up with Disney’s Wonderful World and him doing those introductions. First and foremost, he’s positioning himself as Disney’s face, which is very clever from a branding perspective.

Family sitcoms where Jewish children infiltrate otherwise gay families.

What a genre! What a strange television genre. I was a Jewish kid and didn’t see much representation of myself on television. Even though he celebrates Christmas for some reason because he is Jewish, these were places where I thought, “That kid is like me!” I get on this wavelength.

And finally, “I still haven’t been to Pose yet, but I would love it!”

I still haven’t seen it! One of these days, I’m planning to watch Pose, I promise. It’s on my list. I’m too busy. I thought, “Let’s get more people of color on this list.” Let’s get some more trans representation!” The canon is predominantly white, cisgender, and heteronormative. Be sure to check out our top picks for shows like Bojack Horseman and get ready to dive into some seriously addictive viewing.

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