Aggretsuko himuro Season 4 Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in the Netflix Animated Series?

Aggretsuko Himuro has an assortment of cute fuzzy anthropomorphic creatures responsible for creating a dark comedy at work. It centers around the life of a red panda named Retsuko (Erica Mendez), who has a penchant for death metal and a stressful day job as an office worker.

In the past four seasons of the show, we have gotten to know a wide variety of characters, witnessed all of their corporate misadventures, and witnessed a whole range of interpersonal relationships being built and destroyed. In other words, it can be challenging to keep track of everything if this is the case.

Some incredibly familiar voices are occasionally hard to place among the new and old cast members – particularly when the English dub credits don’t roll until after the final scene. It’s time to recap the best furry friends to remember while binging Season 4 of the show, along with some background information on the people who voice the characters.

Aggretsuko himuro Season 4 Cast and Character Guide: Who's Who in the Netflix Animated Series?


The protagonist of our story is Retsuko. The girl is a young accountant in her mid-to-late twenties, a former idol whose life has recently turned upside-down. A stalker assaulted her at the end of Season 3 after he took advantage of her success and latched on to her because of her involvement in an idol group, OTM Girls, which helped make her a target.

She ended up stepping down from her position as a band member, returning to her job as an accountant, and moving out of her apartment as a result. There is no doubt that she’s a chronic people-pleaser who is friendly with almost everyone, at least on the surface, and is excellent friends with Fenneko (Katelyn Gault), Haida (Ben Diskin), Washimi (Tara Platt), Gori (G.K. Bowes), and Manaka (Deva Marie).

It is important to note that Retsuko’s unlikely friendships and romantic relationships are a massive part of the series. During Season 4, she has a potential romance with Haida and her previous relationship with Tadano (Griffin Burns).

Two voice actors are voicing Retsuko in each dub; one for her speaking voice, Erica Mendez, who has an extensive body of work including Fire Emblem Warriors and The Powerpuff Girls, and one for her singing voice, Jamison Boaz, who mainly appears in video games such as Resident Evil 6.


Retsuko and Haida have a brilliantly intelligent and incredibly snide best friend named Fenneko, who helps them with everything. This woman works in the same accounting department as me, providing cynical humor and unfriendly advice when needed. Haida uses her as a wingman to help him cope with his awkward crush on Retsuko and to provide tough advice to Retsuko regarding her many problems and her awkward crush on Haida.

Even though she has been treated firmly as a sidekick throughout the series, an epic arc about her fraught rivalry with Tsunoda is thrown into the mix this season. In addition to her voice works on Attack on Titan and Japan Sinks: 2020, Katelyn Gault also plays Fenneko.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Cast and Character Guide: Who's Who in the Netflix Animated Series?


As one of the three musketeers of the accounting department, Haida is a technologist and musician who works as part of the accounting team alongside Retsuko and Fenneko, which has been dubbed the “three musketeers.” The two are super close-knit, so they gossip a lot about their work life and share lunch breaks.

Haida (as well as everyone else) tries their best to make Retsuko and him more than just friends. However, that could all change very soon. In Season 3, Gori and Tadano develop a program that matches Haida and Retsuko as “perfect partners.” Will they finally get together in Season 4, or will his chronic self-esteem issues continue to hold them back?  As his voice, Ben Diskin, an actor with over 350 credits to his name, including Kindergarten Cop and Mega Man 11, voices him.


Ton (Josh Petersdorf) has led the company’s accounting department for the past thirty years. An old-fashioned, small-minded individual is struggling to come into the present day, dragging his trotters at every step. His wife and two daughters, whom he bends to every wish of, are the sole breadwinners in his household, with whom he provides for every need of his family.

The character of Ton has developed quite a bit throughout the show, going from an entirely hateful figure to a somewhat evil character, at the very least, who is at least complicated in his arc as it progresses. He has been given a lot of spotlights so far in Season 4. Josh Petersdorf is Ton’s voice actor, and he can be heard in some games, including Overwatch, World of Warcraft: Legion, and SMITE, to name just a few.


A mysterious figure, Himuro, is associated with the company’s higher-ups. He is a modern businessman who believes the company needs to be shaken up and brought into the 21st century, no matter what it takes.

He is a sly dog who is well hidden, and there isn’t much that can be revealed about him without spoilers, but keep an eye on him. In the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, you might recognize Trevor Devall as the voice of Rocket Raccoon, who was also the voice of Himuro in the series.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Cast and Character Guide: Who's Who in the Netflix Animated Series?

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She is a doting mother, an ex-espionage agent, a gossip in the accounting department, and a former espionage agent. As Kabae’s nature is amiable and gentle, she gets involved in everyone’s business all the time – or at least she thinks that is the case.

She is incredibly nosy and frequently starts false rumors, either intentionally or inadvertently, which are often misconstrued as accurate. Kabae has been a massive influencer throughout Season 4, and she has several children at home; her husband is the primary provider, but she works as well, and she has a sordid past as a spy.

There will be a great deal of importance attached to these things. Kabae’s voice can be heard in a raft of iconic games, including Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, and many more, with Misty Lee providing the agent.


Aside from being the office flirt, Tsunoda is also a girly girl. She is brilliantly clever, extremely devious, and always gets what she wants. It is important to note that, despite being somewhat naughty, she maintains strict boundaries and adheres to a code that she strictly adheres to, some of which she eagerly enforces upon Retsuko whenever the opportunity arises.

In Season 4, these rules provide terrible and ill-fitting advice for Retsuko, particularly regarding relationships. The voice of Tsunoda is provided by G.K. A. Bowes, who is also responsible for providing the voices of other characters in the series, including Gori. Undoubtedly, G.K. Bowes is one of the biggest names in voice acting. He made his debut in 1992 with the original American-English dub of Sailor Moon.


Tadano aims to bring automation into the workforce in the most ethical manner possible with the help of an unsuspecting millionaire tech bro.  He claims to be trying to ease the lives of his workers by introducing concepts borrowed from fully-automated luxury communism. Still, his schemes are often logistically hare-brained, even if they are technically brilliant.

The ex-boyfriend of Retsuko, a good friend of Gori, and an object of fixation for Haida, is also a business collaborator of Gori’s and a former boyfriend of Retsuko. Retsuko and Haida were paired up due to an algorithm they had developed by him. Griffin Burns, also known for his role in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, voiced this character.


Among the company’s marketing department directors, Gori has become a close friend to Washimi, a confidante to Retsuko, and a matchmaker who is constantly looking for someone suitable for her.

Gori plays a crucial part in sowing the seeds for many of the most important arcs in the series throughout the series, so she is an important character to remember even though we don’t see her as much as we would like in Season 4. Her character development has been fundamental to Retsuko’s and Haida’s growth ever since the show’s first season.

The voice of Gori is provided by G.K. Bowes, the same person who provides the voice of Tsunoda in the movie.


As secretary to the CEO, it has been Washimi’s responsibility to keep the company together in her position for most of the time she has been there. She is Gori’s partner and her partner in crime, and she’s very close to Retsuko, even though she’s a lot more reserved and uptight than the other two characters.

Even though she doesn’t appear much on-screen during Season 4, she plays a vital role behind the scenes. There is no doubt that Tara Platt’s voice can be heard throughout the Sailor Moon franchise and a few other big-name anime, such as Naruto.


Tsubone (Debra Cardona) has been Ton’s right-hand woman for as long as Ton has been working for the company. There is always a way for her to get what she wants, even if she manipulates others into doing what she wants.

In the past, she hasn’t played a significant role aside from being there to cause Retsuko’s life hell, but in the fourth season, she begins to grow into her own a bit more. The video game Valkyrie Revolution, which was released in 2017, featured Debra Cardona as a player character.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Cast and Character Guide: Who's Who in the Netflix Animated Series?


The character Manaka (Deva Marie Gregory) is a musician who works in a convenience store. There was a time when Manaka and Retsuko were all members of the idol group OTM Girls, of which they were all members.

The group’s frontwoman, Retsuko, stepped down soon after Retsuko left the group. Although the band’s success has somewhat faltered since Retsuko was a part of it, despite their tumultuous rise to fame during the time she was a member of the group. Manaka is a good foil for Retsuko’s wishy-washiness, just like Fenneko is a good foil for Fenneko’s being.

Deva Marie Gregory, who plays the role of Manaka in the Fire Emblem franchise, is also credited with appearing in several other games and series, including several other titles.


Hyoudou (SungWon Cho) is the manager of OTM Girls and acts as Retsuko’s proxy-father figure even though they have fallen out of contact after Retsuko left the group. The building Retsuko and her coworkers work in regularly are covered by him as a window cleaner on the side, so he works there semi-regularly.

Retsuko, Manaka, and the rest of the OTM Girls are pretty stoic, firm, supportive, and protective of Hyodou. SungWon Cho is a voice actor and internet star from South Korea known by the stage name ProZD.

He has an iron fist and a velvet paw. You may also recognize his voice from his viral Vine videos, including Genshin Impact and Akudama Drive. However, he is also known for his roles in many titles, such as Genshin Impact and Akudama Drive.


It has been reported that a small dog named Anai (Billy Kametz) has a significant anger problem. He has been hired as a new employee in the accounting department as a recent college graduate who has recently graduated from college.

At first, he struggled to fit into the corporate environment and could have been an excellent worker. Thank goodness Kabae stepped up to act as a maternal figure for him, which allowed him to settle right in without any issues. The young man recently got involved with a worker’s rights movement and got a girlfriend.

Sometimes, his anger jumps out of him, even though he has settled down. The actor who voices Anai in the Netflix dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Billy Kametz, has many credits to his name, including a prominent role as Shigeru Aoba in the Netflix dub.

All the other group members work for the same company, but InuiInui (Abby Trott) is in a different department. The ex-girlfriend of Haida is an artsy, calm, kind person who has recently broken up with her.

There was a breakup between Haida and Retsuko because Haida was infatuated with Retsuko, and he could not commit fully to Inui because of Haida’s feelings for Retsuko.

There is no doubt that the woman I met is level-headed, gentle, hardworking, and has an excellent sense of what she wants and deserves in life. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Naruto, Rilakkuma, and Kaoru are just some of the series that featured Inui. It is Abby Trott who has provided the voice for this project.


The Aggretsuko animated series depicts the life of a red panda, Retsuko, as she works in an office. The series provides viewers with a variety of characters and corporate misadventures and the building and destruction of interpersonal relationships throughout the four seasons.

Some of the voice actors in the show are difficult to identify among the newly formed and old cast members. In the film, Retsuko is a people-pleasing individual who is friendly to almost everyone, and Fenneko is her brilliantly intelligent and snide best friend. In the accounting department, Haida works with Retsuko and Fenneko as a technologist and musician.

In the show, Ton, head of the accounting department, undergoes a development arc throughout the episode. Kabae, an ex-espionage agent, is also a gentle and amiable character within the accounting department. As an intriguing figure associated with the company’s upper management, Himuro is voiced by Trevor Devall. Aggretsuko offers humor and depth at the same time as highlighting work-life balance and relationships.

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